Nov 17

Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste checked in with The Age Of Metal


On Friday November 16th crazy thrashers Municipal Waste came to the Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe, Arizona. They are currently on tour with Exhumed & Napalm Death.  The mixture of these 3 brands was incredibly brutal as we’ve never seen a show here in Arizona so packed.

As soon as Exhumed hit the stage the crowd started moshing their set was quick & killer as the fans started to even stage dive.  Then the moment every vest wearing high top laced covered in studs thrasher fan was waiting for came.  “Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up,” is what the crowd started cheering.  Once they played that first note it was all over.  Chaos and disorder were unleashed as every one began to mosh and stage dive at an incredible rate.  People were crawling up to the stage, falling on the floor and rushing back up to do it all again.  At this point Municipal Waste was sharing the stage with all their crazed fans.  This show was a very special show considering the surprise that the band had up their sleeve.  They had managed to kidnap from Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust who sang “Nuke the Cross.”  This lovely surprise made the crowd even wilder.  Municipal Waste’s set list was great, they included a few songs that were “Your Cut off”, Beer Pressure, Thrashing is my business & business is good,” “Wolves” and other great tracks.  Over all what a high energy packed performance not only from the band but also from their passionate fans who moshed so hard and defied the feeling of pain despite & did an incredible job pumping the crowd up for the one and only Napalm Death.  Napalm Death was amazing and intense live.  It was a night of stage diving, loosing your shoes crowd surfing, brutal moshing and head banging & of course metal.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with  Ton Foresta.  We talked about their new album, the thrash scene today, what the future holds for Municipal Waste and much much more.


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