May 25

Todd Jones of Nails talks about You Will Never Be One of Us


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Since their formation in 2009, Nails has never been a band to disappoint. And this remains the case with their newest album You Will Never Be One of Us. Being a band dubbed “powerviolence” Nails only delivers violence and aggression, starting from each riff and ending with the last note.

Nails is a band that cuts the bullshit and goes right to the point. This newer band is old-school in their philosophy to write the music they want, so the listeners only get the raw side of Nails with every listen. From lyrics describing all of the dark and chaotic aspects of life to songwriting that’s just as chaotic as war and insanity, it’s easy to say that Nails speaks for this generation.

In 2014, Nails signed to Nuclear Blast Records and You Will Never Be One of Us is their first material released through the label. For such a young band to be signed to a major label, that says a lot about Nails; this band obviously has talent and a large following, but the integrity of this band is what attracts its listeners. No one wants to invest in anymore bullshit bands that regurgitate its sound and feeds into a music industry with no passion. Music fans want something new, and that something new is Nails.

To see Nails live, you need to dig deep to find where they’re playing. Their next scheduled show isn’t until Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, where Nails will share a legendary stage with some of the most iconic names in metal and hard rock. Nails isn’t a band that tours a lot, so these larger events and one-offs will be the fan’s best chance to catch this band in action. But that will only make their live performance that more meaningful to the listener.

The Age of Metal was able to speak to Nails vocalist and guitarist Todd Jones. In the interview, he discusses You Will Never Be One of Us, signing to Nuclear Blast Records, playing Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, and the philosophy behind Nails.


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