Oct 24

Tobias of Noctum checked in with The Age Of Metal



Classic, dark and spooky are the best words to describe what Swedish classic rockers Noctum sounds like. Their music reminiscences Black Sabbath, or Deep Purple (in some riffs), and they just had surprised the world with their obscure music.

Coming from the land of Witchcraft and Graveyard. Noctum represents the newest installment on the classic rock revival movement that is getting quite popular around the world. Noctum is releasing their debut studio album Final Sacrifice this October 29th on Metal Blade Records. The album itself is a tribute to the classic 70’s sounds with a modern touch. Examples of that can be found on songs like Resurrected In Evil, Conflagration and The Temple Of The Living Dead. Besides being their debut album Final Sacrifice is also a fictional horror story, which makes the album quite interesting once you put together the hidden pieces within each song.

Noctum brings to the New Wave Of Classic Rock table a more crisp, heavier and darker sound than their peers in other bands that are trying to bring the ‘Retro’ sound back to life. Noctum reaches a more spooky status as their sound will creep on you (on a good way) with darker riffs, and the somber voice of David Indelöf (vocals/guitar).

The Age Of Metal had the chance to talk with bass player Tobias Rosén about Final Sacrifice, their sound, the classic rock scene in Sweden, their influences and what is next for Noctum.



Interview with Tobias of Noctum by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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