Jun 13

Tobias Cristiansson of The Dagger discussed with us the band’s self-titled debut album.



There is a moment in the life of every musician during which he/she decides to move away from the musical path they have developed and do something completely different. That was the case of Fred Estby (ex-Dismember), David Blomqvist (ex-Dismember), and Tobias Cristiansson (Grave, ex-Dismember) After their time with Dismember was over, they decided to create something musically different from what they have done in the past, that is how The Dagger came to existence.

The Dagger is a heavy metal/hard rock band from Sweden that takes influences from bands like; Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, DioUFO & Blue Öyster Cult. Their sound is a pure rendition of the classic heavy metal and hard rock sound in a modern environment.They released their first EP (Mainline Riders) last year, and will release their self-titled début album this July via Century Media Records.

They form part of a group of bands (Blues Pills, The Vintage Caravan, Ghost, Kadavaretc) that since a couple of years ago have appeared, and brought back that classic rock sound. Some of them use vintage gear and recording methods to achieve a more organic sound, others just canalized the spirit of this music through the modern tools at hand to achieve the same goal.

Tobias Cristiansson, bass player of The Dagger spoke with us about the band’s conception, their approach at the time to write lyrics for heavy metal instead of for death metal, and what can we expect from their upcoming self-titled début album.

http://www.facebook.com/daggerofficial http://www.centurymedia.com/artist.aspx?IdArtist=763 Dagger2

Interview with Tobias Cristiansson of The Dagger by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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