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TOAD. – Endless Night (2013)


Being that we’re based in Arizona, it’s only fair that we start posting reviews from bands from around the scene. There are amazing bands all over this great state of ours, and it’s high time they get the recognition they deserve. This brings us to this band: TOAD (short for Take Over and Destroy). Aside from having some of the greatest cover art this year has put out (done by Animetalphysical, the same fellow who put out Pallbearer’s iconic artwork for Sorrow and Extinction), the band plays an intense hybrid of 70s rock and roll mixed with straight up Scandinavian black metal. They released an EP two years ago called Rotten Tide, and when I listened to it in preparation for Southwest Terror Fest, I wanted more. Endless Night delivers in every possible way.

When you press play, this album doesn’t fuck around, with vocalist Chthon screaming “THERE’S JUST SOME NIGHTS” at the top of his lungs on Taste of the Grave. It pretty much continues on this path. For some reason, the black metal parts sound very Scandinavian – closer to the theatrical screams than the screams of, say, Attila Csihar. In comparison to their last EP, this record is a much, much heavier affair. However, they’ve still managed to preserve what made 70s rock so important: memorable riffs. From the gothic, evil clean vocals of Boundaries of Flesh to the buildup at the beginning of Howling House, this record is just filled with memorable parts. The entirety of the last track, Endless Night, embodies this, from an ominous piano intro to some great guitar flourishes that sound like they were dug up from the vault of the 70s.

However, they tend to experiment a little bit too much. I’m not entirely sold on the end of Endless Night, with the European melodeath. It’s most certainly an awesome part in and of itself, but I’m not sure how I feel about how it fits in the song itself. Of course, this is no surprise: this is a very young band who just released their first full length. But it could serve for a little more focus. Also, this album is incredibly short. Not in the Nails sort of “short, but there’s a lot of content”, but a “wow, there are only 5 songs on here” sort of way. I personally prefer quality over quantity – of which this album delivers – but your mileage may vary.

That said, all of this is merely a small blemish on what’s a phenomenal record. I highly recommend you give this at least one spin and join the darkness. It’s certainly worth your time, especially if you’re fans of more theatrical music – of which this is very much a part. Also, if you’re in the AZ area (or anywhere that is lucky to have them play), then you especially need to see TOAD live – the propaganda and horror posters they have are incredible.

1. Taste of the Grave
2. Cosmophobia
3. Howling House
4. Boundaries of Flesh
5. Endless Night

Genre: Black N’ Roll

Album Length: 28 Minutes


Chthon- Vocals
Alex – Guitar
Nate- Guitar
Pete – Organ
Trey – Bass
Jason – Drums



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