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Timo Kotipelto of Stratovarius talks Eternal, Songwriting and 70000 Tons Of Metal



Since 1984 Stratovarius had developed a peculiar sound within the heavy metal scene, They didn’t conform to the 80’s new wave of heavy metal, through the years they have worked in a different brew of metal. With breakthrough albums like Dreamspace or Fourth Dimension, they forged a metal style that was in the very line between heavy and power metal. 

With albums like Episode, Visions and Destiny they dominated the neoclassic style that was developed in the 90’s and their influence grew outside Europe and into South America, albums like Infinite, Intermission and Elements part 1 & 2 were definitive for the band’s identity, but at the same time they were the beginning of a new era that saw fragmentation and a change of line up. 2009 saw the beginning of a new Stratovarius era with albums like Polaris and Elysium, which takes us then to more lineup changes and the release in 2013 of Nemesis and 2015 Eternal.

With all the changes throughout the last 30 years, Stratovarius has kept their core style intact and have inspired thousands of bands around the world to follow their steps. At 70000 Tons Of Metal 2016, I had the chance to see the band for the 4th time and to experience their set for the first time with the full new lineup. From new songs like Shine In The Dark or My Eternal Dream to classics like SOS, Paradise, or Speed Of Light, or crowd-pleasers like Black Diamond or Hunting High And Low, Stratovarius delivered a complete sets aboard 70000 Tons not only in terms of be able to highlight different eras of their career on those sets, but in the energy that they delivered live.

Between sets The Age of Metal had the chance to chat with vocalist Timo Kotipelto about the band’s new album Eternal, touring the US, and their experience at 70000 Tons of Metal.

Photos: Stratovarius at 70000 Tons of Metal (Pool Deck 05/06/16)


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