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Till Death… A Guide to Love and Loss – Jeremy Saffer & Ash Costello. Book (2013)



As an apprentice of concert photography you must learn from those that before you had captured the live moments of an eclectic guitar solo, the beauty of a drum solo, or perhaps had photographed a band promo set for their next album. Since my start into concert photography I had put attention to the likes of, Mc SharQ, Stephanie Cabral and of course Jeremy Saffer.

Jeremy Saffer‘s photography has been famous as he had captured with his camera, the images of bands like, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Lacuna Coil, and many more. But his skill with the camera gets darker and bittersweet, and in some cases funny and a bit silly, like within his new book: Till Death… A Guide to Love and Loss. On this photographic book, Jeremy Saffer with the assistance of Ash Costello (vocalist of New Years Day) captures the tragic and the macabre story of a boy (Kris DK) in love that gives everything for the love of a girl (Ash Costello) that ended up not only breaking his heart, but literally carving it out of his chest.

The make up, and costumes are just fantastic, a mixture between Goth and Punk in a modern environment that make the images come alive. Each photograph is a literal representation of a popular quote, arranged to fit the intention of this book. For example, the quote; “I would die for you…Prove it!” is a clear example of the dark humor in which Jeremy and Ash represented the literal implication of such quote.


The photography, make up, and special effects combined makes of this book a photographic masterpiece that it would take you inside the mind of Jeremy Saffer and Ash Costello. The book not only brings to life the literal implications of the most common and cheesy phrases that love birds say to each other during their time together, but it shows us that someone, somewhere could have a different meaning to those phrases.

Overall is a fun and entertaining book, that besides the twisted idea behind the book’s concept, it showcases the talent of Saffer behind the camera, and the dark and deadly beauty of Costello as the girl who you can literally die for or be killed by.

The book can be order at Jeremy Saffer‘s website


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