Nov 09

Tiamat – The Scarred People (2012)


It took Tiamat 4 years to wake up from their dark sleep, and now they returned with a powerful new album. The Scarred People is a total retrospection into the band’s musical roots, even though the album keeps that gothic metal sound that they along with Paradise Lost, Moonspell and Type O Negative created in the early 90’s. This Tiamat album reflects their influences how the band combines them into their own style.

The album opens with the title track The Scarred People, which is a very rhythmic and cold song full of echo – chorus which makes the song sounds very 70’s. Winter Dawn has a very dark approach with some grunge guitar influence that works oddly well for this track. 384EKteis is easily my favorite track of the album. A really grim and depressive song that carries all the pain that the voice of Johan Edlund can hold. Radiant Star is a really melodic song that for some odd reason is really catchy and easy to enjoy. The Sun Also Rises is calm but melancholic track what it will take you up and down again. Before Another Wilbury Dies is a song that is all over the place really raw and full of rock and roll textures especially in the guitar parts.

Love Terrorist has that 70’s feeling that is mixed with early electronic elements, which make it a very organic song. Messinian Letter is a strange song full of lyrics about friendship and sole dependency. Thunder & Lighting throws you back to the band’s early material really atmospheric, and a bit electronic. In the vein of The Smiths or Sisters Of Mercy. Tiznit is a beautiful instrumental song that brings balance to the album with a great guitar execution, really peaceful as melancholic. The Red Of The Morning Sun closes the album nicely with this melodic and almost semi-electronic ballad that reflects once again the emotions that Tiamat puts in each of their albums.

The Scarred People is more of what I was personally expecting from Tiamat this time around. The band keeps their style intact, but brings back some of the early influences of the genre like Bauhaus and Sisters Of Mercy. Also Johan Edlund’s vocals are deeper than ever before. A great album from one of the pioneers of gothic metal, a must have for any lover of the dark music.

1. The Scarred People
2. Winter Dawn
3. 384EKteis
4. Radiant Star
5. The Sun Also Rises
6. Before Another Wilbury Dies
7. Love Terrorists
8. Messinian Letter
9. Thunder & Lightning
10. Tiznit
11. The Red Of The Morning Sun

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