Aug 24

THY CATAFALQUE stream stunning new track


THY CATAFALQUE, the daringly progressive metal project of Tamás Kátai, are streaming the stunning third new track off their forthcoming album, ‘Meta’. The track, a crushing amalgamation of metal and progressive rock titled “10^(-20) Ångström”, is streaming now at New Noise Magazine.

Regarding the track, THY CATAFALQUE mastermind  Tamás Kátai comments, “This is a song about the smallest subatomic elements of life on Earth. After the death of a life, these subatomic particles re-arrange themselves into new, different life forms. All existence is based on cosmic star dust on this planet.”

THY CATAFALQUE will release a new album titled ‘Meta’ on Oct. 7 in North America (Sept.16th worldwide). Pre-orders for the album are available now at Season of Mist E-Shop across several formats.

The tracklist for ‘Meta’ can be seen below:

Track list

1. Uránia
2. Sirály
3. 10^(-20) Ångström
4. Ixión Düün
5. Osszel otthon
6. Malmok járnak
7. Vonatút az éjszakában
8. Mezolit
9. Fehérvasárnap

Previously THY CATAFALQUE streamed “Mezolit” and “Sirály“.

THY CATAFALQUE news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, the THY CATAFALQUE Facebook page.

What the press is saying about THY CATAFALQUE:

“For all the folk metal in the world today, Kátai’s work is among the most rewarding and least pandering, approaching the sound with remarkable grace” – POPMATTERS

“Sgùrr really doesn’t sound like anything else you’re likely to hear in 2015. It’s richly textured, remarkably imaginative, and ever-changing. It makes an indelible impression the first time you hear it, and it both compels and rewards additional visits with new discoveries, leading to an even deeper appreciation for the care that went into its conception and its performance. Don’t miss it.” – NO CLEAN SINGING

“This is not what you’re expecting, in the best way possible” – METALSUCKS

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