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Thy Art is Murder- Holy War (2015)


Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War - Artwork

Produced in secret this past winter Thy Art is Murder recorded their third studio album and second release with Nuclear Blast.  After the acclaim of Hate and the intense touring; the band is utilized the momentum to put together their most confronting release yet.  Of course this new album already has controversy buzzing around it, but Holy War is brutal, well executed deathcore that will most certainly get your blood and adrenaline pumping.In a sub genre, that has a tendency to lean towards monotony and repetition, Thy Art is Murder being the no fucks given Aussies that they are- always find a way to stand apart from the crowd and elevate their genre at the same time.

Holy War is not only the band’s most confrontational release, but it is their most ominous as well.  Thy Art is Murder have taken on a very charged and sensitive world topic for the theme of the new album.  Lyrically they have always incorporated anti-religious sentiments, but now they have taken on a very focused and pointed approach; culling out hypocrisies, weakness, and the resulted waste.

Alright so I used the word ominous for a reason, aside from CJ‘s vocals the texture, one of the most striking elements of the song writing on this album are the guitars.  Tracks like Absolute Genocide, Holy War, and Emptiness are led in by these eerie and haunting guitars that are worked in throughout their respective tracks- leading to the album’s tension and intensity. Absolute Genocide is the opening track of the album and probably has the most haunting of the introductions, and those haunting guitars sustain and linger through until the second verse. Even though this track serves as a great hook to get any fan into the album, the title track Holy War is where all the band’s intentions came together. The vocals are clear and direct; this is not an album that targets one specific religion but ALL religion..

“Die for Christ
Die for Allah
Die for Jerusalem
Die for Torah
Father in tongue
Marching in rhythms
Fire repulse through the skulls of their children

Holy war

We will all die for nothing”

The track has a lot of very intentional repetition – both lyrics and melodies- which makes it one of the more catchy tracks.  However, there is a simplicity to their approach that doesn’t let their intensity to get diluted by overly complicated guitar riffs, drum lines, or time changes.  Not to say that it is boring because it is not.  The track is filled with thundering drums and a pretty rad guitar solo.  Each component- guitars, bass, drums, and vocals- are as complex as they need to be in order to achieve the songs goal.

This album is solid, really really solid, BUT it does get a bit monotonous by the end.  Obviously there are tracks that stand out keep it moving forward, but there are some that are clearly there as just filler. Honestly, with the time crunch that the album was written and recorded under it is not that surprising that some of the tracks feel slightly more generic than the rest.  To the bands credit they still put together a very intense 40 minutes of brutal deathcore.

If you are a fan of the band, the genre, or if you need a new “go-to” when you are at the gym- this is a MUST Listen.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆



  1.  Absolute Genocide
  2. Light Bearer
  3. Holy War
  4. Coffin Dragger
  5. Fur and Claw
  6. Deliver Us to Evil
  7. Emptiness
  8. Violent Reckoning
  9. Child of Sorrow
  10. Naked and Cold
  11. Vengeance

Genre:  Deathcore/Metalcore

Record Label:  Nuclear Blast

Playtime: 38:34

Line up:

Lee Stanton- Drums

Sean Delander- Guitars, Bass

CJ McMahon- Vocals

Andy Marsh- Guitars



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