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Thy Art is Murder – Hate (2013)


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Thy Art is Murder is one of the most ruthless and energetic bands that have entered the scene. They proved long ago that brutality exists within Australia, and are one of the leading bands from that area. I’ve personally been keeping up with them ever since I got their E.P. Infinite Death. The track “Whore to a Chainsaw” blew me away. Their newest release, full-length titled Hate, is proof that the aggressive yet dynamic style this band obtained still remains strong.

This album is a combination of powerful composition and provoking vocals. Vocalist Chris “CJ” McMahon sounds perfect on this record; his tone ranges from impenitent lows to compelling highs. One of my favorite aspects of this band was their guitar styles. McMahon’s vocals sound their most harsh in the song “Vile Creations.” The lyrics in the intro of the song and the style in which they’re growled are absolutely mind-blowing: “Vile creations/Bearing the crest of the dark/Shaped by the flames that gave birth/Born into suffering/Weakened and left to rot.” Guitarists Andy Marsh and Tom Brown make a perfect team. With a combination of chugging riffs and piercing sweeps, they truly make this band’s sound singular. The solo in the opening track “Reign of Darkness” is captivating yet vigorous. The production quality is outstanding. It was produced by Will Putney at The Machine Shop. These predominant elements will make this album thrive.

I have several favorite tracks on this album. “The Purest Strain of Hate” exerts the most energy. The agility in the drums and guitars take full control of the listener. “Shadow of Eternal Sin” is a bit more melodic; something fresh and exceptional next to all of this brutality. I’m particularly fond of the thrashy highs McMahon uses in “Dead Sun.” And finally, the track “Doomed from Birth.” Out of all of these songs, I’m surprised this song is featured at the end. I feel it’s the most coherent and chaotic tracks on the record and would be apprehensible to be picked as one of the first songs on the album. But no matter, this track will be the one to make the crowd move!

One thing is for a fact, Thy Art is Murder is sure to be one of the most triumphant bands of the year. With this album being released on Nuclear Blast Records, this band will soar to brand new heights. All I can think of is how excited I am to see this band live. With all of the stamina that exists on the album, I’m looking forward to how it is being delivered live. I can imagine the crowd going absolutely nuts. This release from Thy Art is Murder is one you shouldn’t miss out on!



1. Reign Of Darkness 3:35
2. The Purest Strain of Hate 3:25
3. Vile Creations 3:32
4. Shadow Of Eternal Sin 3:52
5. Immolation 3:21
6. Infinite Forms 4:31
7. Dead Sun 3:40
8. Gates Of Misery 2:54
9. Defective Breed 3:39
10. Doomed From Birth 4:24

Genre: Death Metal/Grind Core

Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 34 minutes and 53 seconds


Lee Stanton – drums
Sean Delander – bass
Chris “CJ” McMahon – lead vocals
Andy Marsh – guitar
Tom Brown – guitar




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