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Thundermother – Road Fever (2015)



Once again Sweden surprises us with another magnificent gem of music, this time its Thundermother; a quintet of girls obsessed with heavy riffs, loud vocals and punching drum fills. This band has what it takes to go head on with Swedish powerhouse Crucified Barbara, hell even the two bands playing a full show would be fucking amazing. 

Road Fever is the sophomore album of Thundermother, and from the first riff in It’s Just A Tease, you know they mean serious business, their style its pure and straight rock and roll with fun riffs, and catchy melodies quite similar to their country women Crucified Barbara.  Fight Fire With Fire (FFWF) is a fast song in which the guitar playing is flawless and wild. Alright, Alright comes of as a great song to blast if you drive down the infamous highway 66, its rock and roll done right.

Deal With The Devil, keeps the speed of their music up along with the catchiness of their melodies, I definitely think that Clare Cunningham has an amazing set of pipes, even though her vocal work its amazing throughout the whole record, for some odd reason it stands up more on this song. Give Some Lights, has this Mad max style soundtrack vibe that screams ‘fury road’ all over it. The 80’s reminiscence within the riffs of this song bring flash backs to hair metal glory. The song its simple yet catchy. 

Enemy, has pretty good riffs on it, you can say this is a Van Halen type of song, and once again Clare kickass on vocals. Vagabond, it’s a ballad style song that build up to a soft/heavy song. Closing up Thunder Machine, Roadkill & Rock And Roll Sisterhood are great songs that keep building up the rock and roll style of Thundermother.

Thundermother knows how to keep rock and roll alive and fresh, their style is fearless, fast and powerful. There is no doubt that this ladies have great potential and their music will go far. For now just hit the play button, turn up the volume, and rock the fuck out of Road Fever.

3 out of 5 Rating: ★★★☆☆

TM_pic by_ Ren Valdes

01. It’s Just A Tease
02. FFWF
03. Alright Alright
04. Deal With The Devil
05. Give Me Some Lights
06. Roadkill
07. Enemy
08. Vagabond
09. Thunder Machine
10. Rock N Roll Sisterhood

Genre: Hard Rock/Rock & Roll

Record Label: Dezpots Records

Playing time: 30 minutes

Line Up:

VOCALS: Clare Cunningham
LEAD GUITAR: Filippa Nässil
RHYTHM GUITAR: Giorgia Carteri
BASS: Linda Ström
DRUMS: Tilda Stenqvist


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