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Thulcandra – Ascension Lost (2015)



Once again the heir of Dissection in the 21st century have delivered a dark and majestic rendition of pure death & black metal goodness on Ascension Lost their new studio album, Since 2003 Thulcandra has forged their music following the line left by Dissection back in the 90’s, if you liked Under A Frozen Sun (2011) you for sure will love Ascension Lost.

The album kicks off with First Rebellion a melodic and almost melancholic song that at first hand lays the foundation of the eargasm that this album is, the guitar work of Steffen Kumener (Obscura) is not only fascinating but its incredible technical (yes, it has a bit of Obscura here and there though the whole album). Throne Of Will is a more straight forward death metal song, not too fancy, not too simple it just has an enjoyable pace. Deliverance In Sin And Death is one of those song in which the spirit of Dissection still lingers around, and I say this as after going back and forth between Under A Frozen Sun and Ascension Lost, I can say that they left a good part of the Dissection style out of the record. I not saying they changed, but they just left some parts out of it, still the spirit of Dissection lingers on the record, but its more like a revamping sound.

Demigod Imprisoned, has this beautiful guitar work as the base around the whole song that makes it so dark, and full of sorrow and pain. The song itself is not only amazing on how it sounds but it also in how will make you feel while you are listening to it. Interlude, is a slow piece that has a lot of melancholy on it, just listen to the acoustic guitar on it, it is like they intentionally are squeezing the sorrow out of the guitar. Exalted Resistance is one of the heavy songs on this album, not time for feelings, just bang your head and windmill to it, this is why this song exists on this album.

The Second Fall, is another punch of unadulterated Swedish metal done by Germans, again you find the similarities with Dissection, but not as much as what you would expect. Sorrow Of The One, I think there is not better description for this song than the title itself. Just mix sorrow, pain, fear, and a bit of anger, and boom you get this melancholic death metal cocktail in the form of a song. The title track of the album Ascension Lost encompassed perfectly the intention of this album, delivering a heavy and painful rendition of black/death metal, I don’t think for a moment that would be another song to close this album, it’s just fantastic. The Outro follows the line of Interlude, just beautiful guitar arpeggios with a bit of background symphonic pieces, just an astonish closure to such beautiful musical piece.

Once again Thulcandra has released a bright and modern rendition of death metal bliss, they had successfully evolved from a Dissection clone band to their rightful heir. Even though, their sound has its roots on it, it continuously developing on its own. I am quite excited to see what they will come up next as Ascension Lost is an amazing top-notch black/death metal release.

5 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★★Bandfoto_4_small


1. The First Rebellion

2. Throne of Will

3. Deliverance in Sin and Death

4. Demigod Imprisoned

5. Interlude

6. Exalted Resistance

7. The Second Fall

8. Sorrow of the One

9. Ascension Lost

10. Outro

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing Time: 45 minutes

Line up:

Steffen Kummerer – vocals/guitars
Sebastian Ludwig – guitars
Tobias Ludwig – bass
Erebor – drums



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