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Threshold – March of Progress (2012)


UK’s Progressive metal Threshold are back after quite a few years and a recent tragedy with the aptly titled March of Progress. Beginning in the late 80’s as a cover band they soon began to write original music together and during the 90’s and 2000’s released album after album.

After their Extinct Instinct album singer Damian Wilson left and Andrew “Mac” McDermott took over vocals up until 2007 with Dead Reckoning. In 2007 Damian took back the reigns as vocalist and in 2010 begun to write what is now known as March of Progress. However tragedy struck in 2011 where former vocalist Andrew “Mac” McDermott lost his life to kidney failure. With March of Progress Threshold continues with their use of heavy riffs mixed with sweeping keyboards all under a progressive touch.

March of Progress begins with Ashes, a song filled with pounding riffs, spacey keyboards, and a chorus that stays in your head. Damian Wilson’s return to Threshold was definitely a highlight as his voice is somewhat unique and fits the music very well. Colophon, with it’s almost Tool-like bass line at the beginning, sees Damian at full force with his vocals using interesting vocal lines alongside the tempo changes that the band utilise. The progressive overtones are not overtly there but are there to accentuate their music and give it some depth. Their sound essentially can be compared to bands like Norwegian’s Pagan’s Mind or Circus Maximus. The song Don’t Look Down and the epic The Rubicon are definitely their more progressive with it’s long song length and various time and tempo changes. Guitarists Karl Groom and Pete Morten are great at what they do and are heavy when they want to but know when to tone it down or change it up to keep it interesting.

Threshold‘s March of Progress is definitely a great album to pick up for fans of Dream Theater and other Progressive metal acts. Threshold have created a solid album full of twist and turns while not sacrificing their core elements. Every member is great at what they do and don’t hold back on creating a great Progressive metal album.


1. Ashes
2. Return of the Thought Police
3. Staring at the Sun
4. Liberty Complacency Dependency                                                                5. Colophon
6. The Hours
7. That’s Why We Came
8. Don’t Look Down
9. Coda
10. The Rubicon

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