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Thorsten Bauer of Leaves Eyes discussed new Atrocity & Leaves Eyes albums.

Leaves Eyes returned to the USA for a second tour less than a year after their successful run with Sonata Arctica last November/December. This time around they came on a tour along with Battle Beast and supporting Sabaton. This time around they had the chance to play at bigger venues before a larger and more diverse crowd, but it seems the turnout was pretty good for the German band. 

Leaves Eyes show at Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ was a better one than the one they presented at Club Red last December. They had more space on stage and the sound mix was actually better than last time. I am mentioning these elements because they are essential for the kind of visual stage presence that Leaves Eyes has developed recently. With a more deep use of the Nordic influence, their stage presence has shifted towards a more visual and at the same time musical stage presence. With Alex‘s Viking stage props or with the participation of the Vikings of Leaves Eyes at some tour stops it makes their live show something more vivid and more special to see. 

Their setlist was a bit different from the one they played last year as songs like Hell to The Heavens and Sacred Vow were included on this tour replacing My Destiny, The Waking Eye and To France. Their show was more intense and Elina‘s stage presence was astonishing, I guess since they already had such great response last time they were here it was a no-brainer that the crowd responded to the call of Leaves Eyes playing at a bigger venue on a Friday night with a bigger attendance this time around.  

Before the show in Tempe, AZ we had the pleasure to speak with guitar player Thorsten Bauer about the tour, the upcoming Leaves Eyes and Atrocity albums and their plans for those releases and for the rest of the year. 


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