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Therion / Imperial Age / Null Positive at 013 Poppodium (Tilburg, NL 07/04/18)


As part of one of Therion’s longest tour to date, the Swedish symphonic band decided to close their European tour at 013 Poppodium last Saturday, April 7th. Along with them were Russian’s new sensation Imperial Age and German new combers Null Positive. 

The show at 013 poppodium in Tilburg, NL was an expected and awaited date as the pre-sale did really well and since it was the end of the tour show it was bound to be a really special concert. We arrived around 6 pm as we had an scheduled chat with Imperial Age (more about this later), We got into the show as Null Positive was already in the middle of their set. My first impression, as I have never heard of them before, was a mix between Mudvayne, The Agonist with the energy on Rammstein










The rawness and energy of vocalist Elli Berlin was captivating, to say the least. Their stage presence while strong and raw was impressive for the ones that were there seeing their show. Independently of their powerful performance it was a bit out of place having in mind that the style of Therion and the metal crowd that they tend to draw. 

After Null Positive, it was the turn for Imperial Age, a Russian band that since a few years ago Christofer Johnsson of Therion has been interested in and even signed them on his record label Adulruna Records. Imperial Age who recently released their new album The Legacy of Atlantis have been the main support act for Therion for the last 2 months. 

Their show was mesmerizing as their metal opera flows flawlessly along with their stage presence and their music, it felt like watching the live version of Therion‘s legacy.  Performing live a string of stories about magic and religion of the long-lost Atlantis continent, to make it even more special they invited Thomas Vikstorm (Therion) to sing with them during the song Domini Canes (March of the Holy Inquisition) from their new album The Legacy of Atlantis in which Thomas is featured as guest vocalist. 

Imperial Age its definitely a treat to see live as their show is not just epic from beginning to end, but also their music is so well done and their live production definitely reflects what you get to listen on their recorded albums. 


The expectations for the main band were clear as people started to leave the bar and move closer and closer towards the stage. After almost 10 years since the last time we saw Therion back in their last US tour, it was time to see them again,  and what a show they delivered. I think that seeing a Therion show during any of their tours is a unique experience every time as you will get to see a slightly different line up everytime and the show and the setlist is different and longer every time. Seeing them in Los Angeles, CA almost 10 years ago was way different than seeing them now and seeing how their set has changed with the time is an interesting feeling altogether.

Therion (Key Club, Los Angeles, CA 2007)

Therion (013 Poppodium Tilburg, NL 2018)








The show kicked off with Theme of Antichrist out of their new Triple disc metal opera album Beloved Antichrist released early this year. I wasn’t surprised that they included many songs from their new album into their live set for this tour, along with the new songs we got the chance to listen to iconic Therion songs like The Blood of Kingu, Din (Feat. Elli Berlin), Nifelheim, Lemuria and Der Mitternachtslöwe, along with classics like, Wine of Aluqah, Cults of The Shadows, Son of the Staves of Time, The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah  and To Mega Therion.

As expected the show was an amazing experience as Therion‘s shows happen to be, one thing I got to notice is how Christofer Johnsson has been able to minimize the number of musicians and singers on stage, but keeping the quality and the grandiosity of their show still intact even with this minimalist approach. Overall, it was an amazing show that brought great memories with timeless songs.


Therion Setlist 

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Theme of Antichrist
The Blood of Kingu
Din (with Elli Berlin)
Bring Her Home
Night Reborn
Temple of New Jerusalem 
An Arrow from the Sun
Wine of Aluqah
Cults of the Shadow
The Khlysti Evangelist
My Voyage Carries On
The Invincible
Der Mitternachtslöwe
Son of the Staves of Time
The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah 

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