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The Unplanned Path: A Conversation with Greg Mackintosh of Vallenfyre


Vallenfyre-30.jpgI was introduced to Vallenfyre in 2011 during the press days previous to the release of their début album, A Fragile King. The band was founded by vocalist Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) as a grief response to his dad passing in 2009, the album itself is full of doom melodies with really heavy and intense riffs, and a vocal work by Mackintosh filled with darkness that is quite extreme.

Last year Vallenfyre was quite active as they play some live festivals and released a second album, Splinters, which had a bigger, heavier, and darker sound than A Fragile King, also last year we saw the first show of Vallenfyre in North America as they played at the 10th anniversary of Decibel Magazine in New York along with Amon Amarth & Sabaton, in a show that it was only described as ‘Pure Intensity’. After that show it was announced that the band was going to be part of the Decibel Magazine Tour 2015 along with At The Gates & Converge.

I definitely was excited about having the chance to see Vallenfyre live, unfortunately the tour package didn’t have a date in AZ, so I decided to travel to the opening date in Los Angeles. Vallenfyre opened the tour with an amazing show at The Wiltern, and even though it was half hour, it was an intense half hour. They played a balanced set with songs from Spliters (Scabs, Odious Bliss, Savage Arise, Cattle, Bereft) and from A Fragile King (Cathedrals Of Dread, Desecration, Grim Irony), The front row of The Wiltern when nuts during their set, I was surprised by the amount of people than knew about the band, and that recognized the material. Even thought the crowd was more composed by melo-death, hardcore, and metal core various fans, Vallenfyre with their doom/death metal combination sound definitely caused a great first impression as they delivered a powerful and compelling show.

After their set, The Age Of Metal had the chance to seat and chat with Greg Mackintosh vocalist of Vallenfyre, we talked about the Decibel tour, the reception of Splinters, beer, the new Paradise Lost album, and what is next for Vallenfyre.

Decibel Magazine Tour 2015
with At The Gates/Converge/Pallbearer/Vallenfyre

April 02 @The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT
April 03 @Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO
April 04 @Bourbon Street, Lincoln, NE
April 05 @Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN
April 06 @House of Blues, Chicago, IL
April 08 @The Phoenix, Toronto, ON
April 09 @Metropolis, Montreal, QC
April 10 @Royale, Boston, MA
April 11 @Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA
April 12 @Webster Hall, New York, NY


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