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The Slaughter Survivors Tour at Rocky Point Cantina, Tempe, AZ. 08/17/2012


The Slaughter Survivors Tour with Pathology, Enfold Darkness, Fallujah, Fit For An AutopsyAegaeon hit the Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe Arizona on Friday August 17th.  It was a hot humid day as it rained earlier in Arizona for a change, but still kept it cool with a temperature of the low 100’s.  But that didn’t stop any of the bands & the fans from making it nothing less than a killer show.  The tour had a really great line up & all the bands on the bill are very unique technical and totally brutal.

Aegaeon kicked things off & got the crowd going.  Everyone really got into their set and they had a really heavy sound to them and were awesome.  After that we had Fit For An Autopsy & we saw a bit more action in the crowd.  Some people started to mosh.  Jonathan Huber (singer for Pathology) got on stage and sang for a bit.  The sound of two death metal singers was lethal to everyone’s ears.

Fallujah was incredible.  The progressive Death Metal unique sound really captured everyone’s attention.  They are very technical and they are a great band to see live.    Enfold Darkness hit the stage next, this is the first time they come back to Arizona with the new edition of their singer Adrian Perez.  Adrian really did an amazing job.  I’ve seen Enfold Darkness live before with their old singer and Adrian really has good high pitch vocals that suit the Technical Black Metal perfectly.  Their set list was The Rise of the Greatest Fornicator, In the Galleries of the Utmost Evil, Lairs of The Ascended Masters, Exaltations (Part I: The Entrance of Hecate), and then they absolutely blew everyone away with their last song Exaltations (Part II: The Epitome of Grief) the song live had very dark atmospheric sound to really loved it.

Finally the long anticipation for Pathology was over.  This was the bands first show back after  their RV Tire exploded, destroying their Axle, wheel well, brake drum and water tank.  The band was stranded in Denver Colorado until they could get the repairs done.  So they definitely came with high energy and all of the other bands were very stoked to see them back.  Nitty gritty death metal is the best way to describe their sound.  They featured new songs off their album The Time Of Great Purification, (coming out soon pre-order) which was a really nice treat for the fans & a few other songs.  All band members had great intense energy and it was just in your face death metal the whole time it was a super killer set.  Everyone was headbanging and really digging them live, they are a  stellar band that everyone needs to check out.

Over all great show and there’s still a few dates left on the tour which everyone else in those states should totally go check out.  All the bands were great live and were very nice humble guys who got the chance to meet their fans during sets.  Arizona can’t wait to see all those bands return again.

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