Apr 22

The quitting months

It seems that the months of April and May are not good for metal music, last year Peter Steele, Ronnie James Dio & Peter Gray died and left the metal scene in sorrow and pain.
now during this week Matt LaPorte guitarist of Jon Olivia’s Pain died in his home, not cause of dead have been released yet.
K.K Downing in a shocking move quits Judas Priest, arguing “a breakdown in the relationship between he and the bands’ management”, all this in the eve of Judas Priest’s Epithaph Tour that would begin this fall
Jeff Loomis & Van Williams quit Nevermore argument that “their time in the band is over and they would pursue a different path.”
and as today Roy Khan quits Kamelot, argument “a new change in his life related to religion”, after more than 6 months of expectations and speculation between fans about the status of Khan, who had a breakdown on september previous to the release of Poetry for the Poisoned and Kamelot’s North American Tour which was cancel due to this incident.
Believe me i am not superstitious and all this could be coincidence, but when I see a series of events of positive or negative character that repeats during a period of time, it really worries me and why not freak me out a little.
I know that is tons of great news and accomplishments from bands almost every day, new albums, new tours, new emerging bands, but it seems that the negative news are the ones that affect the mood of he scene the most, Hopefully the months to come bring better news to the scene.
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