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The Kandidate – Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death (2012)




“Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death” is the second album from The Kandidate (death/thrash/punk metal band) off Napalm Records.  It’s the bands second album after releasing  “Until We Are Outnumbered” two years ago. Current band line up Jacob Bredahl (Vocals), Allan Tvedebrink (Guitars), KB Larsen (Bass), Niels Peter (Drums).

With a track named “Death” of course your going to have an eery guitar intro to set the mood. The second track of the album “Beyond The Mind, Sleep You’ll Find” has a very catchy rhythm will make you want bang your head along with it.

“One And Alone” and  “Total War” are very aggressive tracks off the album.  While listening to the lyrics you can see how the subject of death is incorporated into the cd and gives it a different atmosphere. The recurring theme of death is demonstrated in the songs which you can consider it to be a concept album.  Although the topic of death has been used throughout the scene many times you can hear and feel a different perspective that the band has to show.

The fourth song “Modvind” is face paced song everyone can enjoy.  “Let The Maggots Have It” is a slower track with Jacob Bredahl sounding like he’s in agony while he sings.  It makes you pick up on the undertone of slight anger and other emotions that his voice is portraying.

“Standing On The Cliffs Of Madness” and “Fucked In The Search For Life” are more up beat songs on the album.  “Disillusionized” is a heavy track.  “Dommedag” kicks off with a pretty cool drum into and the rest is just as good. “The Knives Spit” was an alright song I think it they should have closed with “Let The Maggots Have It” just because you can feel the intense energy the song gives off.  It’s a deep song that gives off this raw energy.

Over all its a good album the more times you listen to it the more you discover different themes in all the songs and the deeper you think about the album and feel what it has to offer.

Track List

01. Death
02. Beyond The Mind, Sleep You’ll Find
03. One And Alone
04. Total War
05. Modvind
06. Let The Maggots Have It*
07. Standing On The Cliffs Of Madness
08. Fucked In The Search For Life*
09. Disillusionized
10. Dommedag
11. The Knives Spit


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