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The Age Of Metal interviews The Foreshadowing



What do you get when you take a dash of My Dying Bride, Katatonia, and early Anathema? You get the Italian Gothic/Doom metal band, The Foreshadowing.

Formed in 2005, by members Alessandro Pace, Andrea Chiodetti, Francesco Sosto, Jonah Padella, Davide Pesola, and finally, Marco Benevento. The band would record and release what would be the beginning of a trilogy about the apocalypse ,“Days of Nothing” in 2006, followed by “OIONOS” in 2010, and the completion of the trilogy “Second World” in 2012.

Over the years they’ve played various gigs and festivals throughout Europe. Such as Stoner Hand Of Doom (Italy), Legacy Festival(Serbia ), Summer Breeze Open Air(Germany), Masters Of Doom(Italy), Wave Gotik Treffen(Germany), and several others. In 2013, they finally got the chance to tour in the US as part of the “Voices From The Dark” tour which consisted of the bands Marduk, Moonspell, Inquisitor, The Foreshadowing, and Death Wolf.

On Mar 13th, 2013 I caught up with both Marco Benevento and Francesco Sosto before that night’s show for an interview. This was the San Antonio, Texas stop of the tour. Before I get to that, I’ll give a little review of that night’s show. Considering it was a Wednesday night, middle of the week show, there was a really decent crowd at The Korova club. I will say that San Antonio has a great metal scene, with passionate fans, that always come out to support bands that tour through the area. Being that I’m really a fan of the band, I thought they put on an excellent show. They had a clean and balanced sound. The strong baritone vocals of Marco, were powerful and easy to hear. And being that they were the only Gothic/Doom style band on a Death Metal tour, they received a very positive response from the crowd. The songs they played during their set were as follows….

Havoc (Second World)
The Forsaken Son (Second World)
Departure (Days Of Nothing)
Ground zero (Second World)
Chant Of Widows (OIONOS)

Overall, a nice mixture of songs from all three of their albums, but with a focus on the latest release. I look forward to seeing, and hearing them again in the future. I believe they’d be a strong addition to a tour which had other gothic/doom bands on the lineup. And now on to the interview. Topics covered, were, crowd reactions, the meaning behind their trilogy, Dan Swano, and what the future holds for them. Follow the links below….


The Foreshadowing Interview in San Antonio Texas by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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