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The evolution of Sonata Arctica – An interview with Tony Kakko



During the last 15th years or so, Sonata Arctica has been one of the most representative bands of the Finnish power metal scene. Since the release of their début album Ecliptica (1999) the band has forged their very own sound regardless of their line up changes, they had managed to keep a constant sound, with some periods of experimentation. Such changes had shock and shift their fan base a couple of times, but at the end of the day the band had received a worldwide support.

As we all know, the style that the band once displayed in albums like Silence (2001) & Winterheart’s Guild (2003) changed after Reckoning Night (2004) towards a more hard rocking sound that keep the band in an era of experimentation until Stones Grew Her Name(2012). This 2014 brings an evolved Sonata Arctica with Pariah’s Child. Without forgetting what it was learned during the experimentation era, the band revisits their power metal roots on this album. But rather than recreate or make a modern version of Silence or Ecliptica, Sonata Arctica opted for continuing where they left off in Stones Grew Her Name and add back the power metal component.

At first it seems odd to hear this record, but after the first two spins you will find yourself confronted with the old elements of Sonata‘s early works and with some hard rock elements that put the album in a different perspective. We can talk about of change, but in Sonata Arctica‘s case will be an evolution. A band that established a distinctive sound, then experiments with something different, then something else. To finally be able to mix what it was learned and fusion it on a new album, that is called musical evolution.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with vocalist & founder member, Tony Kakko. We talked about Sonata Arctica‘s evolution, Pariah’s Child, their line up changes, and the upcoming tours in North and South America.



Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica talks about Pariah’s Child by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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