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The Devastated – Devil’s Messenger (2012)


“Gross, grimy, groove” was how the newly formed So-Cal band The Devastated was hoping their first album, Devil’s Messenger, would be received; and so far “gross” is all we got, and not in a good way. The Devastated, which is comprised of ex-members from both Oblige and Impending Doom was signed by Century Media off of a two song demo that was aimed towards being “real,” as if you were “in the room with them,” but “really ugly.”

The other aim of the album was to bring a comedic aspect to it by being clever with the lyrics, which I personally do not see. The only way I can see their attempt at being clever is with some of the song titles like “Roof Top Party Drop,” which seems more like a party song title, but the actual song is not something I would find groovy or party worthy. “Pseudo Smile Campaign,” which FYI—and I don’t know if this was an attempt to be clever—they spelled pseudo wrong. It is not funny, nor clever; but I digress. The song is less comedic and more like whining on something that seems to me to be an outdated subject. For the focus of record to be clever lyrics and comedy found within them, if there is any, is interesting because I feel that it is lost in the shrieking, growling vocals of Greg Wilburn. That is not to say that he is bad, but he surely isn’t my cup of tea. One thing I will give them in way of being clever is I did like some of the alliteration and wee bit of rhyming with a few of the song titles like “Roof Top Party Drop” and “Blood Bag Drag.”

In general, though, I found the album wasn’t my cup of tea. I didn’t find it particularly groovy as the band promised. I found the record to be a bit stale in the groove department. For the most part, it seems as though the album is pretty generic and there was nothing really new or innovating about the album that really jumps out. There were not any “be still my beating heart” moments or any amazing hooks, or horrifically catchy melodies. I think the only thing that piqued my listening interest—and not out of interest per se, but out of how odd it was that there is a random women moaning in “Blood Bag Drag.” That, and “Conductor” has a few moments in which it sounds as if the load/save screen music of one of the Resident Evil games is playing in the background of the song.

Over all, I personally am no raving about the album and it won’t make my party playlist this year. While I didn’t find it amazing, I can’t say it’s the worst thing I’ve heard. Although, I am pretty offended by the misspelling, but I am a lover of the English language, so I’m bound to be picky. As with all music though, while it’s not my thing, I was never a follower of Impending Doom or Oblige, so perhaps this is more up the alley of their fans.

Devil’s Messenger Track List:

1. Drip Drip
2. Psuedo Smile Campaign
3. Swallowing Tumors
4. Failure to Thrive
5. Roof Top Party Drop
6. The Devil’s Messenger
7. Spit Vitriol
8. Zombies
9. Blood Bag Drag
10. Tongue In Cheek
11. Caprice
12. Conductor*

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