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The Agonist – Eye of Providence (2015)


The Canadian metal band, The  Agonist, was created and founded a decade ago by bass player Chris Kells, guitarist Danny Marino, and front woman Alissa White-Gluz (whom if you weren’t aware, left the band to replace Angela Gossow of Swedish metal band Arch Enemy earlier last year). As the fans of both Arch Enemy and The Agonist had mixed feelings of their new scream queen, we now have the new vocalist, Vicky Psarakis fronting The Agonist – with equal parts disappointment and excitement from the masses. Some people just aren’t fans of change. But after finding Psarakis off of YouTube, they were blown away and immediately had her audition for the part.   Eye of Providence, being The Agonist‘s 4th album and Vicky‘s first début, will hit stores Feb 23rd in Europe and Feb 24th in the US.

The beginning track, Gates of Horn and Ivory, start the album hard, deriving from The Odyssey, the song incorporates the dualism of deception and truth, particularly in the music industry. Vicky transitions beautifully from full-blown growling to natural clean vocals, as Jobin and Marino perform technical sweep picking.  My Witness Your Victim, shows total imagery of their music when you can understand the lyrics, there seems to be more of a connection as the guitar riffs blend perfectly with the brutal screams accompanied by angelic vocals. You can really hear the beauty and range of Psarakis‘s voice in Danse Macabre, as she belts out the beginning verse of the third track cleanly. There’s no discretion – she wants you to know this is a chick, as she shows off her talent, going from low growls fluctuating into high-pitched screams. Creative and beautifully placed arpeggios end the track. The song, I Endeavor, opens with rhythmic finger tapping before seductive siren-like vocals pull you in to what I would say, proves to be one of the most impressive tracks of the album by showing the progression of each members skill. Faceless Messenger, has a horror pop sound to it. Taking time with the drum track, this is the first song where the percussion seems prominent, by using lots of double bass patterns  this song has an epic feel, abruptly ending with a haunting a capella. A Necessary Evil is a very fast pace, thrashy track with driven beats and intricate solos that lead into Architects Hallucinate, which contributes some very cool riffs to the album.

The remaining tracks seem to have a variety of influences – in them I hear hints of Trivium, Iron Maiden, and Cradle of Filth, with a pinch of Mars Volta.  It’s very different but I definitely don’t hate it. I feel Alissa is a better fit for Arch Enemy and that the members of The Agonist have made a good decision and are much happier since recruiting Vicky as their new front woman. Eye of Providence is totally head bang worthy and a rebirth of the band itself. I wish their tour would be a little closer to home so I could personally witness how they perform LIVE.  The Agonist will be kicking off their tour right after the album début and touring with the likes of Otep, White Chapel, Between the Buried and Me, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Testament! …over seas.

Tour Dates 2015

Feb 25 Virgin Mobile Mod Club Toronto, Canada
Feb 26 Ritual Nightclub Ottawa, Canada
Feb 27 Foufounes Electriques Montreal, Canada
Feb 28 Commission des liqueurs Granby, Canada
Mar 03 Rock Cafe Prague, Czech Republic
Mar 04 Randal Club Bratislava, Slovakia
Mar 05 Explosiv Graz, Austria
Mar 06 Durer Kert Budapest, Hungary
Mar 07 Tabafabrik Linz, Austria
Mar 08 K-17 The Club Berlin, Germany
Mar 09 Rockpalast Bochum Bochum, Germany
Mar 10 De Effenaar, Kleine Zaal Eindhoven, Netherlands
Mar 11 Das Rind Rüsselsheim, Germany
Mar 12 F-Haus Jena, Germany
Mar 13 Kulturfabrik Lyss, Switzerland
Mar 14 Centre Culturel Oecuménique Villeurbanne, France
Mar 15 Divan Du Monde Paris, France
Mar 16 Le Ferrailleur Nantes, France
Mar 17 KULTURFABRIK Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Mar 18 Kavka JC Antwerpen, Belgium
Mar 19 THE GARAGE London, United Kingdom
Mar 20 Sound Control Manchester, United Kingdom
Mar 21 O2 Academy Sheffield, United Kingdom
Mar 22 Queens Hall Nuneaton, United Kingdom


04/06 Cleveland, OH – The Agora Theatre
04/07 Joliet, IL – Mojoe’s
04/12 Austin, TX – Empire Control Room and Garage (‘Texas Independence Festival‘)
04/14 St. Louis, MO – Fubar
04/15 Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theater
04/16 Westland, MI – The Token Lounge
04/17 Clifton Park, NY – Trickshots
04/18 Worcester, MA – The Palladium (‘New England Metal and Hardcore Festival‘)
**More The Agonist USA dates coming soon!**

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆


01. Gates Of Horn And Ivory
02. My Witness, Your Victim
03. Danse Macabre
04. I Endeavor
05. Faceless Messenger
06. Perpetual Notion
07. A Necessary Evil
08. Architects Hallucinate
09. Disconnect Me
10. The Perfect Embodiment
11. A Gentle Disease
12. Follow The Crossed Line
13. As Above, So Below

Genre: Extreme Metal

Record Label: Century Media Records

Length: 58 Minutes

Line Up:

Vicky Psarakis – Vocals
Danny Marino – Guitar
Pascal “Paco” Jobin – Guitar
Chris Kells – Bass
Simon Mckay – Drums



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