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The Age Of Metal Top 10 Albums Of 2013



Thank to your votes we have a general top 10 albums of 2013. The bands nominations were based on our writer’s top 15’s albums of 2013, but you had the chance to select the order of that top 10 by voting and supporting your favorite record. So after a week of active voting, here are the results:


#10) Toxic HolocaustChemistry Of Conciousness

Stephanie: ‘It is rough and coarse, yet contains the brain-gripping feel that metal has on me. The thematic of a drug-induced mind-control state really makes this album even more spine-tingling. I really respect a younger band such as Toxic Holocaust for combining the elements of old school metal and punk, and truly making it work to appeal to all ages of metal fans. In my opinion I think we need less of djent/math/core/whatever and more of this’.

Corri: I fell hard for this one. Chemistry Of Consciousness definitely speaks my language. This album has so much attitude it can raise a pit with the riffs alone. The vocals are executed nicely, and the drumming is phenomenal. It builds wicked self-discipline to attempt not thrashing out inappropriately to songs like Salvation Is Waiting and Wargasm.



#9) DeicideIn The Minds Of Evil

Corri:In The Minds of Evil stays true and on target while not getting stuck in a rut. New guitarist Kevin Quirion brings a fresh sound, Glen‘s vocals are pure guttural growls over fluid riffs. Thou Be Gone is a personal favorite, with awesome timing thanks to kickass drumming. Deicide will always be an original pioneer regardless of time and lineup changes. Headbang or get out’.

Stephanie: ‘Gotta represent my hometown in this list. Deicide is the embodiment old school Tampa death metal. The fact that they can be so legendary, yet continue to write exhilarating music is beyond me. In the Minds of Evil got me headbanging as much as Legion. That’s why Tampa does it the best’.


SOM311-Gorguts - Colored Sands-1500x1500px-300dpi-RGB

#8) GorgutsColored Sands

Stephanie: ‘So I wasn’t expecting a new Gorguts album. Ever. And guess what? This chaotic sphere of riffing madness ends up in my album review folder. It literally took me to a different dimension. And it still does take me to some nightmare place that you can only find in a Lovecraft story. I think all metal fans can agree that this is the album of 2013′.

Corri: ‘There’s something compelling about Gorguts. The direction is a riot. The riffs and changes are insane. It’s a technical maze but at the same time catchy with truly great composition. Colored Sands is so good it can sharpen your reaction time or leave you with a ‘thousand yard stare’ if you’re not quick enough’.



#7) SoilworkThe Living Infinite

Tony: ‘This album was probably the earliest candidate for this list. Pulling off a double album is no small feat for any band, but Soilwork pulls it off in amazing fashion with this album. With 20 tracks, you would expect plenty of filler, but that is hardly the case here. With Peter Wichers out of the band for a second time, the band felt it had to prove again that it could maintain their quality without his influence. Mission Accomplished’.



#6 LocrianReturn To Annihilation

Valerie: ‘If a scientist were to combine the perfect mix of beauty and despondency, it would be Locrian‘s Return To Annihilation. Completely ominous in nature, every single note finds its way both beneath and above, levitating a person from this earth. A work of avant-garde art, all 50.3 minutes of this album paint a dark and dreary picture with moments of light permeating the surface. This album creates a mood that not many others can produce. Vacillating guitar sounds mate their feedback with the gloomy and rupturing atmosphere of the drums, creating an all consuming and original sound that is both as memorable as it is haunting’.



#5 AyreonThe Theory Of Everything

Miguel: ‘Since I listened to Ayreon‘s The Theory Of Everything the first time, I have not be able to put it down yet. Amazing music, great story, and the talent showcased of the musicians selected by Arjen Lucassen is just way over the top. Cristina ScabbiaTommy KaverikMarco Hietala, Sara Squadrani, John Wetton, and JB put an amazing vocal work to tell the story on this album. The guest musicians on the album are also high quality, from members of Yes, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Dream Theater. Not matter how you see it, this album is a masterpiece on all the extension, from music, concept, production & lyrics. Not doubt the best album this year, and  a must have if you love well crafted music’.



#4 CarcassSurgical Steel

Corri: ‘This is Carcass. This is everything I want and something I will always love. Number One is really no surprise. Surgical Steel is a masterpiece. Songs like A Congealed Clot of Blood are incredible. The type of song that creeps up your spine, snarling and all consuming with no restraint’.

Stephanie: ‘Hi we’re Carcass, and after seventeen years of not making any albums we’re going to release a mind-blowing collection of songs that will make you shit bricks” is probably what they were thinking when writing this album. I personally like it because it combines Carcass’s gore-grind days perfectly with their melodic sound they eventually coined perfectly. But I can never get the hang of the song titles; they’re too damn long. I’m just like, “oh yes that Noncompliance one! That’s my favorite song!” But pretty much, I believe Carcass and every other band that made a comeback this year thought, these poor metal fans are only getting this –core and breakdown bands so let’s come in and rip them to shreds. And for that — older metal bands who made a comeback — we will forever salute you’.

Tony: ‘To say Carcass made a roaring comeback in 2013 is quite the understatement. After a decade and a half of silence, they dropped Surgical Steel on legions of ravenous fans. After such a long absence, many bands try too hard to recapture whatever magic they may have had. However, Carcass put out something so perfect, it almost felt as though they were unlocked from a time capsule and hit the studio. Surgical Steel is everything Carcass fans were hoping for and further cements their legacy as one of the best’.

Valerie: ‘Without a doubt the top album of 2013. No question. As if Necroticism copulated with HeartworkSurgical Steel is a coupling of all variations of style that’s been felt over the course of Carcass’s discography (and even some new styling’s dispersed in between). This is the kind of album you can listen to all the way through without a hint of boredom or attention loss. From start to finish Surgical Steel keeps the neurons spewing out and the blood pumping. One thing is certain, Carcass sure as hell know how to make a comeback. Looking forward to their next tour in the Spring’.

Miguel: ‘Without question Carcass‘s Surgical Steel is the death metal album of the year, after 16 years of absence they just not returned empty-handed, they came back with an album that literally picked up where Heartwork left of. Songs like, A Coagealed Clot Of BloodUnfit For Human Consumption316L Grade Surgical Steel, & Noncompliance to ASTM F 899-12 Standard are just some of the best examples of how amazing this album is’.



#3 Dream TheaterDream Theater

Tony:Dream Theater really hit one out of the ballpark with their self-titled album. Their second album with Mike Mangini on the drums has helped the band find not only stability, but also reignited a certain vibe that seemed to be missing for me on the past couple efforts; it’s easy to feel and hear the vitality return to the group. With some grand passages and enough noodling to keep fans drooling for days, Dream Theater was another one of my faves this year’.



#2 GwarBattle Maximus

Corri: ‘Last year GWAR decided to not just cover “Carry On My Wayward Son” but to fix it. Then in 2013 scum dogs were offered Battle Maximus and all hail Postulus as this is easily one of GWAR‘s greatest. I like to wake up to Bloodbath early in the morning, there is something unusually inspiring and sentimental about it. My neighbor occasionally hollers along, so I think he must agree. The music on this album is tight from beginning to end and the lyrics are more thoughtful and putrid than ever. Flattus would approve’.



#1 Orphaned LandAll Is One

Miguel:Orphaned Land‘s All Is One encompass everything a great album should have. From powerful music, great production value, to amazing and meaningful lyrics. The combination of progressive melodies, and Middle Eastern folk music is perfect on this record. Orphaned Land‘s lyrics on songs like; All Is OneThe Simple ManBrotherFail Shama’im are just breath-taking. I still don’t understand why they have not received the Nobel Prize of Peace yet, as their musical message is just pure truth’.


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