May 16

The Age of Metal Talks with Robert Vigna of Immolation



Immolation is a death metal band from New York. They are credited with being one of the most influential death metal bands in history. Immolation was formed in 1986, and ever since then have been writing some of the most intense and energetic music. They were one of the bands that helped bring the New York underground metal community to life. This band is best characterized by their unique style of composition. Their style primarily follows a combination of power chords and wailing guitar solos, with complex drum patterns following that rhythm.

This year Immolation releases their ninth full-length studio album, Kingdom of Conspiracy. This album not only shows the passion Immolation has for heavy music, but the progression this band has had throughout the years. With this release, Immolation remains singular with the methods of songwriting they have had for years. This album also serves as something new fans can appreciate. The biggest influences on the lyrics in Kingdom of Conspiracy are the failing economy and the ways the government is taking control of the people. Along with the new album, Immolation is also on the Decibel Magazine Tour. The other acts on this tour are Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death, along with rotating openers Beyond Creation, Magrudergrind and Cretin. The tour will be taken place throughout North America. This tour is sure to be a success with all of the old school acts along with the upcoming acts that serve as tour openers.

Ever since their formation, Immolation has truly grown as a band. Developing their own style of composition and growing as lyricists is what made this band successful throughout the years. These are the reasons why Immolation has been so influential. This band has experienced everything and continue to grow on that. Immolation has a lot in store for them. With the release of another incredible album and tons of touring, fans are anticipating everything Immolation has going on. The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Robert Vigna guitar player of the band about their new album Kingdom Of Conspiracy, their participation in the Decibel Magazine Tour 2013, and their influence in the death metal scene.

Interview with Robert Vigna of Immolation by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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