May 14

The Age of Metal Talks with Psychedelic Metal Band Orbweaver



Orbweaver is a psychedelic metal band from Miami, Florida. By far one of the most individualistic bands, Orbweaver have definitely made their mark on the metal community in a short amount of time. Orbweaver is comprised of former member of Hate Eternal Randy Piro, along with guitarist Sally Gates, bassist Jason Ledgard and drummer Scott Spasiano. Orbweaver will accelerate their way into your mind and dominate every inch of your sanity. The best way to describe Orbweaver’s sound is to imagine what it would sound like if you were plummeting your way through space after taking a pill you knew you shouldn’t have taken, and your ship crashed into a meteor. Orbweaver is a perfect blend of pure insanity with awe-inspiring effects and raw talent.

Orbweaver is a band that takes influence from a large variety of different sources and stays devoted to their deranged sphere of perception. On August 2nd, Orbweaver will release their debut EP “Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon.” This EP captures the demented concept while remaining spontaneous based on their various influences. The EP was recorded at Miami Pinecrush Studios with Jonathan Nunez of the band Torche. Mixing and mastering was done at Mana Studios by Brian Elliot. Primitive Violence Records is releasing a limited run of a hundred cassettes. The EP is also available for CD and digital download, released by the band.

Orbweaver is truly a band you will never forget. They will force their way into your mind, pound on your skull and rattle your brain. Their live set seizes this menacing mirage with their array of atmospheric effects and energetic stage presence. Mixed in with a group of modest musicians who enjoy debating about Star Wars and watching cartoons, this is a band bound for success. As far as their legacy is concerned, they will eventually end up on Mars or some far off distance and drag their admirers along with them. But for now, definitely attend a live show and purchase their music, and prepare to have your mind blown.


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