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The Age of Metal talked to Peavey Electronics at Winter NAMM 2014



Peavey Electronics has become one of the world’s most leading makers of instruments, amplifiers and audio systems in the world. Started by Hartley Peavey in 1965, this brand is recognizable as being the most innovative source for quality and redefined musical equipment. This year at NAMM 2014 Peavey introduced some of the most impressive products, including the Vypyr Pro and redesigned ReValver software along with their new bass amps.

The Vypyr Pro takes their infamous Vypyr line to the next level. The four stages of patented TransTube takes the distortion to the next level, making it more realistic and organic. These amps are ideal for touring musicians because of their wide-range of features, and you can combine multiple amps together for your desires sound. These amps feature the ability to have multiple tones and textures for insurmountable customization. These amps are versatile enough for any guitarist, no matter what genre is played or where the music is being played!


The most impressive product displayed was the redesigned ReValver 4. This software contains the most groundbreaking technology in amp modeling. It allows you to easily tweak the settings of the system to customize the way your amplifying software sounds. It is the most realistic amplifying software, and it even contains Spy System. The system is easy to use so you can conveniently create your perfect amp!


Peavey also demonstrated the MiniMax 400 Watt Bass Amplifier Head and the MiniMega 1000 Watt Bass Amplifier Head. The MiniMax has features such as built-in overdrive, three boost controls, and built-in psychoacoustic processor. This six-pound bass head will give your bass guitar an amplitude of power without damaging your speakers. The MiniMega features built-in overdrive, four-band EQ, semi-parametric mids, and sub-harmonics and psychoacoustic processor. This amp head also features a light show, and the colors can be manually altered. This amp head will make your bass sound larger and fuller, no matter what size cab is being used.



The Age of Metal was able to speak to Peavey while at NAMM 2014. Peavey was able to demonstrate the Vypyr Pro, ReValver Amp Modeling Software and their new bass amp heads.

Peavey Booth at NAMM 2014


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