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Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope discussed Jeff Hanneman’s Guitars & new album.



Broken Hope is a band that had defined the genre of brutal death metal. They were always recognized as a powerful force in extreme music, but their chokehold has only increased since they reunited. Broken Hope’s main man Jeremy Wagner resurrected his troupe, raising the band from the dead while also recruiting some of the most heinous members to enact the most vilifying band the death metal genre has ever known. Which is why they were the perfect choice to play at the first annual Florida Metal Fest.

With Tampa death metal being such a staple in the metal community, it’s about time there was a festival dedicated to the home of the most brutal music ever known to man. Only the heaviest and vigorous prevails here in Tampa, which is why Broken Hope was a perfect band to be featured among other legends such as Obituary and Deicide. Their crowd was what anyone could expect from a death metal show: moshing, headbanging, and complete chaos. Anyone in the crowd couldn’t help but be engulfed in the fury. This Chicago band brought a ton of energy and violence with them!

The band’s first release since their return was Omen of Disease. While the band never strayed away from their signature guttural sound, they only exemplified their coined style by making it far more aggressive. Each riff and growl will seep into your veins, infecting you from the inside out. The whole album is heart-pounding and maniacal. And with a new album on the way it can only slaughter us all.

The Age of Metal was able to talk to Wagner at Florida Metal Fest. In the interview, we discussed Florida Metal Fest, what he could tell us about the new album, writing songs on Jeff Hanneman’s guitars, receiving one of Kirk Hammett’s Nosferatu guitars, and what he can tell us about touring.

Pictures: Broken Hope at Florida Metal Fest 2016 



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