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The Age of Metal speaks with Paul Speckmann of Master at Full Terror Assault



Master is one of the most legendary death metal bands in existence, and even after over thirty years, this band is still going strong. Master was touring the United States in support of their newest album An Epiphany of Hate, and conveniently made a stop at the Full Terror Assault festival in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. I’ve seen Master multiple times, and they killed it once again at this festival. Playing a combination of older material such as “Master” and newer material such as “Subdue the Politician” Master played a set that truly embodies their brutal legacy.

Out of all of the bands at Full Terror Assault, Master was one of my favorites. They killed it each time I saw them in Tampa, but there’s nothing like watching death metal in the middle of the woods. And with the very drunk Full Terror Assault crowd who are passionate about old-school death metal, it only made their set that much more fun. Paul Speckmann, of course, is the ring leader of this aggressive troupe, and his performance is one of the most iconic in extreme metal. His American touring band is always evolving, and for this tour, he brought on guitarist Pat Shea and drummer Ruston Grosse. Master was easily the most brutal band on Day 3 of Full Terror Assault!

After Full Terror Assault, Master joined with Sacrificial Slaughter (who also played Full Terror Assault) for the Epiphany of Hate tour. Joining them for specific dates is The Black Order, VX 36, Castrofate, Surgeon and Demons Within. More touring, including dates in South America, is what’s next on Speckmann’s busy agenda. With a violent powerhouse such as An Epiphany of Hate, Master’s legacy will prevail!

The Age of Metal was able to speak to Speckmann at Full Terror Assault. In the interview, we discuss the Epiphany of Hate tour, Full Terror Assault, and what they have going on next.


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