Dec 26

The Age of Metal speaks with Cameron Argon of Disfiguring the Goddess about Black Earth Child and Deprive



It is safe to say that Disfiguring the Goddess defines a new generation of slam and brutal monstrosity. This project captures an up most brutal sound and vigorous feel with an electronic edge. This project has been compared to infamous acts such as Suffocation because of the atrocious yet individualistic style it obtains.

But what truly augments the fascination with this project is that it is run by one man: Cameron Argon. This man is known by several names other than Disfiguring the Goddess, most famously in the electronic community by Big Chocolate. The combination of diverse musical influences with the love and passion of making music makes anything this man creates truly unforgettable.

Argon formed this project in 2006, and has thus far released four albums under the Disfiguring the Goddess name. Alongside his work as Big Chocolate and other projects he works on, he has found the time to regularly release a Disfiguring the Goddess album ever since 2009. He most recently released two albums on December 10th 2013: Deprive and Black Earth Child. Both of these releases take the relentless aggression to a whole new level of head banging mastery. These albums truly open the door to limitless possibilities to be expected from Disfiguring the Goddess.

The Age of Metal was able to speak to Argon after the release of these albums. In the interview we discuss the mindset behind writing both Deprive and Black Earth Child, the combination of his electronic and metal work, and how he allows his individualistic style to flourish when writing metal music.


Interview with Cameron Argon of Disfiguring the Goddess by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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