Jul 24

The Age of Metal speaks with Brian Patton of EYEHATEGOD


Back in 1988 a few guys from New Orléans got together to make what is now known as EYEHATEGOD. They have throughout the years became a powerhouse in the New Orléans metal scene. EYEHATEGOD’s sound can only be described as a very sludgey kind of metal with heavy detuned guitars, coupled with bluesy riffs, tons of feedback, and tortured vocals. Recently the band has been going strong and are in the works to release a new studio album in the near future.

We recently had the chance to talk to Brian Patton, guitarist of EYEHATEGOD. In our talk we discussed their new album and the workings of it, Hurricane Katrina, how do they deal with sobriety on tour, the New Orléans metal scene, touring for the new album, being banned from Scion Fest and the future for EYEHATEGOD.

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