May 17

The Age of Metal Speaks with Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore



For sixteen years now, blackened death metalers Goatwhore have conquered the metal community with their lucid lyricism and malignant stage presence. During their reign, they recorded several perverse releases and have sauntered through multiple regions performing their coarse material. This band has seen everything; from a van crash that almost paralyzed vocalist Ben Falgoust, to the band’s home in New Orleans being vanquished by Hurricane Katrina. But that doesn’t stop Goatwhore. Against all odds, this ceaseless horde continues to dominate everything in their voyage.

Goatwhore’s live performance is truly nonpareil. Stamina extrudes from each member of the band, encompassing every individual to rage to their fullest extent. Falgoust enacts this endangering choir; his presence alone is enough to force the throng to fume. And when they play enticing tracks such as “When Steel and Bone Meet,” it’s not difficult to become engrossed in their compelling performance. Intertwined in this chaos, Goatwhore simply desires for their audience to be gratified and to let go. All of these elements makes Goatwhore’s performance vigorous yet captivating.

Goatwhore is currently pillaging various vicinities along with 3 Inches of Blood. Following this crusade, Goatwhore will be working on some new diabolical tracks that will erode your very existence. The Age of Metal was able to talk to Ben Falgoust at The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida. Falgoust discussed touring, Satanism, and Goatwhore’s love of heavy metal.


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