Sep 25

The Age of Metal speaks to From the Embrace at the Deland Rock & Metal Festival in DeLand, Florida



From the Embrace is a melodic death metal band from Tampa, Florida. This band has been captivating listeners ever since 2007, with their melodic sound overlaying progressive and heavy composition. This band has a lot going for them; a recent merge with melodic death metal band Wirethrone and dates in Georgia and Indianapolis booked, this band is going to conquer the metal world. Definitely look out for From the Embrace on the horizon.

Out of all of the bands playing at DeLand Rock & Metal Festival, From the Embrace got the best crowd response. Everyone cheering and giving the horns, moshing, and was even begged to play another song. Playing tracks such as “Disease of Ignorance” I was definitely impressed with their set. It was my first time seeing them, and they gave one of the best performances on the DeLand Rock and Metal Festival line-up. I purchased their self-titled EP, and let’s just say you won’t be disappointed if you do.

The Age of Metal was able to have an extremely entertaining interview with vocalist Nick Marrero, bassist Taylor Halpin, and guitarist and clean vocalist Trey Hawkins. In the interview we discuss the DeLand festival, their views of touring, and what they’re listening to.


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