Oct 08

The 69 Eyes – X (2012)


Formed about 22 years later from Helsinki, Finland The 69 eyes are releasing their 10th album called “X” (Nuclear Blast US).  They have been categorized as Vampire Rock’n’Roll, goth metal and other genres.  The bands previous album was “Back In Blood” in 2009.  “X,” is a different style then the band is use to doing but it really demonstrates how Jyrki 69 (Vocals). Bazie (Guitar), Timo-Timo (Guitar) Archzie  (Bass), Jussi 69 (Drums) are so innovative after being together so many years later.

Love Runs Away is the first track off the album which starts up with some upbeat drums and then switch to a calmer tone.  The song sounds very romantic and the lyrics are amazing and subtle but yet deep such as  “Walk away like it was so simple.  Can’t you leave me heart alone.  You don’t know until you’ve found it.  Love runs away.  You don’t know until you’ve found it.”  The song really gets stuck in you head, its melodies, rifts and chorus make you want to sing along after hearing it for the first time.  “Tonight,” is a very fun track off the album it has some really great energy that everyone will enjoy.   “Black,” dark goth rock in roll is the best way to describe this song.  Soft, more tame and very amorous is the next track off the album “If You Love Me The Morning After.”  Another beautiful song off the album personally love Jyrki voice how deep, dark with a hint of seduction it’s almost as if any lyric he sings will captivate you.  “Red,” full of emotion, heart-break is what this track is all about.  Already half way through the album and you can’t help but love every single song because they are so breath-taking.  The romantic dark atmosphere created in the album has been portrayed so well with the first 5 tracks.

“I Love The Darkness In You” is a flash back to the 80’s really killer song that is “So fuckin’ dirty and blue (lyrics).”  Borderline is one of the more different songs off the album.  Its calmer guitar rifts and vocal tones have many different musical genre influences.  A mixture of blues meets goth and dark rock and roll making it a unique track that even has a different ending with Jyrki saying “thank you.”  Switching up the gears and getting pumped is the next track I’m Ready.  It’s a very simple song that has more of a hard rock tone to it.  With a title like  “I know What You Did Last Summer,”  you can only expect a very  eerie feeling which is exactly what the song delivers.  Finally, the last track on the album is “When A Love Comes To An End,”  closes off the albumThe guitars have been toned down very low and the vocals have been turned up as it fades away.  It wasn’t really a song but still a perfect ending to an amazing set of album.

The 69 Eyes new album X was really incredible.  Its something new and different but they still have kept to the essence of the band in every song.  After 3 years of waiting so long it really was worth the wait to hear this new material.  After listening to the album a few times I completely fell in love with every song and some of the lyrics are so simple but yet so deep.  It’s a killer album that current and new fans will love.  So everyone should go pick up a copy so they too can hear this wondrous album.

Track List (personal picks*)

01. Love Runs Away***
02. Tonight*
03. Black
04. If You Love Me The Morning After*
05. Red*
06. I Love The Darkness In You*
07. Borderline*
08. I’m Ready
09. I know What You Did Last Summer
10. When A Love Comes To An End



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