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The 11th Hour – Lacrima Mortis (2012)


The 11th Hour was formed in 2008 in the Netherlands by Ed Warby of Ayreon, Gorefest, and Demiurg, and Roger “Rogga” Johansson of Bloodgut, to create a band of a more traditional Doom metal style. Doom metal has been one of the long standing sub-genres of metal where the godfathers themselves Black Sabbath were the prototypes of this sub-genre. It was in the 80s however when bands like Candlemass and Pentagram began to make it a distinct genre. In the mid to late 80s to early 90s bands like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride were combining Doom with Death metal.

The 11th Hour released their newest album Lacrima Mortis in 2012 after the release of their debut album Burden of Grief. With Lacrima Mortis, they have continued to work on their sound that was seen on their debut, combining the down-tempo playing with the harshness of Death metal vocals. With songs like We All Die Alone, The Death of Life, and Nothing But Pain, you have a combination of crushing slow-tempo guitars, piano and keyboards giving just enough atmosphere, and having both clean and growled vocals. The notable influence of Candlemass can be definitely be seen when the clean vocals sung by Ed Warby come into play. Lacrima Mortis seems to have everything a Doom metal band should have. Lyrically speaking they are dark, talking about despair, death and solitude and really gives this feeling of sorrow.

While not being the most ground-breaking of bands for Doom, The 11th Hour is able to piece together a great album like Lacrima Mortis with enough twist and turns to keep the listener’s attention while not aliening and appealing very much to the Doom/Death metal fans.



1. We All Die Alone

2. Rain On Me

3. Death of Life

4. Tears of the Bereaved

5. Reunion Illusion

6. Nothing But Pain

7. Bury Me


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