Sep 06

Teemu of Wintersun checked in with The Age Of Metal



Since their first tour in North America last year, Wintersun got a great response from every city they visited on that tour. With less than a year from that experience, they came back headlining their own North American tour (Something that is difficult to achieve for a European band in such short time) I don’t know if is because they been away from so long, because their show live is amazing beyond words, perhaps because Time I is such a great album, or maybe all the above.

But one thing that is certain, is that no matter where they go in North America you can expect them to have a sold out show, or at least a very packed venue. So either way, their show shines on its own. Last week we had the chance to experience Wintersun live again here in Phoenix, AZ. Which casually enough, it was the first American city they ever played as their last tour kicked off here last November. This time around their 95 minute show allowed us to enjoy Time I live from beginning to end, plus a lot of songs from their début album Wintersun, and their new song The Way Of The Fire which is a sneak peek from their upcoming album Time II. Overall, their show was amazing and the crowd left the venue exhausted but pleased.

Once again The Age Of Metal had the pleasure to speak with Teemu Mäntysaari guitar player of Wintersun. We talked about their experience headlining the tour, the state of Time II, fan response to Time I, and of course what is next for them.


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