Oct 20

Ted Aguilar of Death Angel talked with The Age Of Metal


Bay Area Thrash, one of the most coveted metal scenes to ever exist. At least once in every Thrash Metal fans’ life, they’ve wished they could go back to San Francisco around the time of the birth of the bands that made that genre come to life. For those of us without time machines, we can always rely on bands like Death Angel to bring back the same 30 year old spirit to every gig they play. At many metal shows nowadays, it’s not uncommon for everyone to stand around and clap or cheer only at the end of songs, but when you see Death Angel you have to be prepared crowd surfers, stage divers, fans screaming lyrics, jumping on the barrier, yelling out song names, moshing, and everything else. The passion Thrash fans have for their music is astounding, but is to be expected when you’re dealing with such amazing musicians.

Created in 1982 in California, Death Angel is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album by playing it in it’s entirety, and judging by the fans here in AZ they chose the perfect setlist. Just off their tour with Anthrax and Testament, The Age of Metal caught them at their headlining show here in Tempe, and had the opportunity to talk to Ted Aguilar about their next album, DVD, touring plans, and a funny tour story.


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