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Bristol’s classic rockers with a modern roll, TAX THE HEAT, released their full length Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut, Fed To The Lions today!

Today, the band have released both a behind the scenes trailer from their latest video shoot for “Learn To Drown (You’re Wrong)“, as well as the third and final track by track trailer for Fed To The Lions. The behind the scenes trailer shows how much work went into shooting their one take video, which had zero edits. Watch the hilarity unfold on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel.

The band also released part 3 of the track-by-track where Jack and Alex explain how “Learn To Drown (You’re Wrong),” “‘Caroline,” “Your Fool” and “Lost Our Way” came about. Check it out on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel.

Watch the other parts right here:
Track-by-track part #1
Track-by-track part #2

Order Fed To The Lions here:  http://nblast.de/TTHFedToLions

Below is the track list for Fed To The Lions:
1. Highway Home
2. Animals
3. Under Watchful Eye
4. Fed To The Lions
5. Hit Me Hard
6. Stood On The Platform To Leave
7. Some Sympathy
8. Devil’s Daughter
9. Learn To Drown (You’re Wrong)
10. Caroline
11. Your Fool
12. Lost Our Way

Fed To the Lions perfectly illustrates why there is so much excitement at the release of this album. Previous singles “Some Sympathy,” “Highway Home,” and “Fed To The Lions” sit alongside future classics such as “Caroline,” “Animals,” and “Stood On the Platform To Leave.” The driving rhythms of Jack Taylor (drums) and Antonio Angotti (bass) are overlaid with the powerful riffs of JP Jacyshyn (guitars) and the distinctive melodies of Alex Veale (vocals, guitars).

Watch the official video for “Learn To Drown (You’re Wrong)
Watch the official video forFed To The Lions
Watch the official video for “Highway Home
Listen to “Some Sympathy

Watch the official video for ‘Animals’ on Nuclear Blast YouTube Channel! It was created by Louis Catlett from Rataplan Films, who created the Fed To The Lions video too.

The band commented: “‘Animals’ is a great example of what our debut album has to offer, hard hitting, high energy rock and roll. We played around with the song for a while but it was when we were in the studio that we somehow landed on that big chorus riff, and the song suddenly made sense. We shot the video with a Bristol based company Rataplan, which was an easy video shoot for us – Louis (director) really captured the energy and vibe of the song.”

Make sure to watch all the Fed To The Lions album trailers that are available below.

Trailer #1: We caught up with frontman Alex Veale and drummer Jack Taylor to find out how the band came together.

Trailer #2: Alex and Jack on how the band blends their classic sound with a more modern edge.

Trailer #3: Watch frontman Alex and Jack explain why the band decided to record the album live.

Trailer #4: Alex and Jack share their history and experience working with producer Evansson (ROBERT PLANT, SIOUXSIE SIOUX).

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Order your copy of Fed To The Lions here

Or digitally:  http://nblast.de/TTHFedToLionsIT

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