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Tarja – Colours In The Dark (2013)



Tarja Turunen‘s new album Colours In The Dark is the solo artists and songwriter fourth studio album. Recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, various European cities and mixed in Austin, TX made the record a globe-trotter filled with a sense of multicultural approach.

Colours In The Dark is a more personal album than her previous album What Lies Beneath was, as she comments last time we spoke with her. Songs like: Victim Of Ritual and Never Enough are more organic rock songs that hit a new level when you listen Tarja‘s operatic vocal style on those songs. 500 Letters have a strong Latin American sound that reflects the environment in which Tarja lives now, the song has a lot of swing and sweet passages that reflects a high level of musical experimentation as well.

Lucid Dreamer and Mystique Voyage have a more classical approach, which make them beautiful and full of amazing vocal textures that only Tarja‘s voice can deliver. Darkness and Neverlight are the heaviest songs on the album, with a more metal approach the songs are full of sharpen guitars and fast drum parts that are nicely wrapped on Tarja‘s astonish voice.

Deliverance and Until The Silence are the last touch to bring the balance to the album, but also represent the pop element that serves as a bridge between classical and rock. really beautiful passages of classical backgrounds that allows Tarja‘s voice to go wild, and at the same time the rock parts are strong enough to keep the album balanced and interesting.

Colours In The Dark reflects a new step on Tarja‘s musical career, and allows her to explore and play with different musical textures, owning them one by one with the power of her voice. A really creative and deep album that musically and lyrically expands Tarja‘s musical horizon to a new level.

Tarja_Colours In The Dark_press pictures_photo credit Eugenio Mazzingh_4


01. Victim Of Ritual
02. 500 Letters
03. Lucid Dreamer
04. Never Enough
05. Mystique Voyage
06. Darkness
07. Deliverance
08. Neverlight
09. Until Silence
10. Medusa

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Record Label: EarMusic

Playing Time: 61 minutes

Line Up:

Tarja Turunen – Lead Vocals, Piano
Alex Scholpp, Julian Barrett – Guitar
Kevin Chown, Doug Wimbish – Bass
Christian Kretschmar – Keyboards
Mike Terrana – Drums
Max Lilja – Cello



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