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Tankard- A Girl Called Cerveza (2012)


Is there such a thing as drunken thrash metal.. Not sure but if there had to be a band to represent that genre it would have to be Tankard.  They have been pumping out some killer tracks all the way since 1982.  Their first cd came out in 1986, “Zombie Attack.”   Their cd prior to the latest album was Vol(l)ume 14(2010).  Unique and awesome are the best way to describe the Alcoholic Metal band from Germany the land of beer.  Current band line up is Gerre – (vocals), Frank – (bass), Olaf – (drums), Andy – (Guitar).  A Girl Called Cerveza (Nuclear Blast) is the bands 15th album as they celebrate their 30 year anniversary together.  So raise your glass and down your beers as when you listen to this album, because that’s what Tankard is all about.

Rapid Fire (A Tyrant’s Elegy) definitely kicks things off to a great song.  Great energy in this song with a catchy chorus.  Really grabs your attention and makes you want to sing along.  A Girl Called Cerveza the titled track off the album has a cool guitar intro & silly lyrics.  A girl called beer just sounds amazing to any man.  Tankard must have had fun writing this song its a great tune to represent what the album is all about.  It’s probably the best song off the album because it’s so diverse, it will totally become a crowd favorite.  Witchhunt 2.0 turns up the speed & demonstrates some rad guitar solos at about 3 min 48 sec.    Masters of Farces is another great track off the album.  The Metal Lady Boy featuring Doro is a great dueling gender song it showcases different vocal ranges and is exceptional.

Not One Day Dead (But One Day Mad) is the most metalist song on the album.  Its got a great thrash touch to it but still keeps it in a classic Tankard style.  Son Of A Fridge slows things down and eases you into the song before it goes wild.  The song has a great guitar rift that gets your attention and reminds you of a classic metal song.  Fandom at Random keeps things moving along with a more mellow calm flow as well as  Metal Magnolia.  Finally the last song on the album Running On Fumes brings things to a close.  It’s a very diverse song with lots of tempo changes, and steady pace.  Its was a very nice way to end the album.

Over all A Girl Called Cerveza is a great album.  It started off strong and slowly began to fade into a softer tone keeping things still intense.  For all Tankard fans new and old everyone will enjoy this album.  It has its high and lows so it keeps you on your feet & some of the songs are so good they’ll get stuck in your head.  15 albums later and Tankard still doesn’t disappoint.  So to that I say cheers!

Track List (personal Picks*)

1. Rapid Fire (A Tyrant’s Elegy)*

2. A Girl Called Cerveza**

3. Witchhunt 2.0

4. Masters of Farces

5. The Metal Lady Boy

6. Not One Day Dead (But One Day Mad)

7. Son Of A Fridge

8. Fandom at Random

9. Metal Magnolia

10. Running On Fumes

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