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Dec 21

Miguel’s Top 15 albums of 2011

# 15  Nemesea – The Quiet Resistance Nemesea’s third full length album was a surprise for me, the band had change so much and the level of their music has grown so much as well, and I am very happy for that. The Quiet Resistance is full of new directions and influences, that can be …

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Sep 20

Van Canto – Break The Silence (2011)

Metal music advance every day and in many forms, that is the case of “A Capella” metal band Van Canto, and yeah you read correct “A Capella”,  no guitar, no bass guitar and no keyboard. Just drums and a lot of voices. The band’s 4th album Break The Silence is just phenomenal as it is …

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Sep 14

Stefan Schmidt of Van Canto checks in with The Age Of Metal

Have you ever imagine power metal without guitars, bass guitar or keyboards? Well we can say that it is possible and it is being done by German ” A Capella” metal band Van Canto, founded in 2005 with the concept of use the voice to replace the guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. In 2007 The …

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