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Dec 24

The Age Of Metal Top 10 Albums Of 2013

Thank to your votes we have a general top 10 albums of 2013. The bands nominations were based on our writer’s top 15’s albums of 2013, but you had the chance to select the order of that top 10 by voting and supporting your favorite record. So after a week of active voting, here are …

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Dec 13

Stephanie’s Top 15 for 2013

2013 marked another fantastic year for metal music. This was definitely the year of surprising releases from bands I thought were over making music. But some of the most vigorous, technical and mind-blowing albums I’ve heard were released. Compiling a list of only fifteen albums to mention was a pain in the ass. But nonetheless …

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Dec 05

Corri’s Top 15 Albums of 2013

2013 was made of metal. With so many great albums, narrowing it down proved extremely difficult. Some bands stayed the same, some reformed, some took wildly different and creative paths, while others surfaced after years under a rock to offer releases that will be coveted for years to come. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Nov 01

Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness (2013)

Toxic Holocaust quickly became a legendary band in the thrash metal underground. Unlike their modern-day thrash counterparts, Toxic Holocaust took it one step further: fusing the rapid punk style with the ruthless metal feel. This is a band that stands out, yet obtains a sound that is tasteful and unique. On October 29, Toxic Holocaust …

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Oct 29

Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust talked to The Age Of Metal about Chemistry of Consciousness

Toxic Holocaust is one of the most unique thrash metal bands. Their signature sound of fusing punk and metal inspired a large part of the underground metal scene. Their sound is singular, yet is enjoyable; qualities that truly make a successful band. With their fifth studio album Chemistry of Consciousness being released along with a …

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May 12

Joel Grind – The Yellowgoat Sessions (2013)

The voice behind the Toxic Holocaust is Joel Grind, the frontman and founder of the band has branched out and is releasing “The Yellowgoat Sessions.” This is the first album of his solo project.  Now for fans of Toxic Holocaust know that “The Yellowgoat Sessions” is not just more Toxic Holocaust songs under a different name but …

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Apr 28

Toxic Holocaust – From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction (2013)

From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction is a 22 song compilation cd featuring past classic, rare tracks & vinyl only splits that they did with Municipal Waste, Midnight and many others.  The combination of thrash, punk and other influences can only create Toxic Holocaust’s unique sound.  Knitty gritty evil sounding thrash at its finest.  For all fans out there …

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Mar 06

Landmine Marathon and Toxic Holocaust at The Clubhouse. Tempe,AZ (02/27/12)

On Monday February 27th at the Clubhouse in Tempe Arizona, Landmine Marathon & Toxic Holocaust rolled into town opening up for non other than the very popular punk band  The Casualties.  It was a very interesting mixed of punk fans & thrash fans. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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