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Sep 26

Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica talks about The Ninth Hour & US tour.

Sonata Arctica is about to release their 9 studio album titled The Ninth Hour, a power metal album that continues where Pariah Child left off in terms of heaviness, melody, and speed. Sonata Arctica through the years has made some serious changes to their initial sound, but it seems that The Ninth Hour continues the …

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Feb 24

The evolution of Sonata Arctica – An interview with Tony Kakko

During the last 15th years or so, Sonata Arctica has been one of the most representative bands of the Finnish power metal scene. Since the release of their début album Ecliptica (1999) the band has forged their very own sound regardless of their line up changes, they had managed to keep a constant sound, with …

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May 20

Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica talks Stones Grow Her Name with The Age Of Metal

It’s not doubt that Sonata Arctica is considered one of the greatest power metal bands along with Stratovarius, Hammerfall and Edguy. But their style has moved forward pass the power metal scene during their last two albums to become something more dynamic musically speaking. This year the band is releasing their 7th studio album Stones …

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