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May 11

Seth Siro Anton of Septicflesh on his artistic side & the connection with music.

Seth Siro Anton is the frontman & bass player of Greek metal band Septicflesh, he also is an independent artist that had reached worldwide popularity with his work on album art covers for many international bands ranking from Exodus, Kamelot, Moonspell, to Rotting Christ. His work can also be admired on Septicflesh‘s releases and it …

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Jul 15

Christos Antoniou of Septicflesh talked to us about Titan

Epicness, heaviness, & magnificent musicianship are the only way I can describe a Septicflesh show. Almost a month ago, they released a new album titled, Titan, and how the name indicates that the record is huge in every aspect possible. To celebrate the release of the album, Septicflesh decided to pair up with Italian symphonic …

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Jun 23

Septicflesh – Titan (2014)

Septicflesh’s new masterpiece is a ruthless yet mellifluous movement. With a name like Titan, Septicflesh fans immediately expected some of the best work Septicflesh could ever create. Since “titan” is a fancy word for “giant,” I feel Septicflesh met expectations. This sound is the biggest thing Septicflesh ever invented; they intensified the orchestrations and the …

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