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Jan 14

Guillermo Izquierdo of Angelus Apatrida talked to us about the new album Hidden Evolution and the extreme metal scene in Spain.

Angelus Apatrida is an Spanish thrash metal band that begun their musical career in the early 2000’s and now is releasing their fifth studio album titled, Hidden Evolution. Angelus Apatrida has along with bands like Municipal Waste, Lost Society, and Evile revamped the thrash metal genre since the last decade, Angelus Apatrida have developed their own brew …

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Dec 03

Tom Hunting of Exodus on Blood In Blood Out and touring with Slayer

Exodus has been one of the fundamental pieces in the formation of thrash metal how we know it today, it’s not doubt that albums like Bonded By Blood, Pleasures Of The Flesh, and Fabulous Disaster are among the albums that shaped the thrash metal landscape. This year, finally Exodus released a new album. Blood In …

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Nov 25

Mille Petrozza of Kreator talked to us about touring North & South America on a single year, and what is next for 2015.

Kreator‘s live performances are quite amazing, not only they deliver a hell of a show, but the charisma of Mille Petrozza on stage is impressive. While you see a frontman greeting the crowd, and telling tour stories, or telling jokes while on stage, Mille‘s style is quite different, he incite, provoke and dare the crowd …

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Nov 19

Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies & Exodus at Comerica Theater. Phoenix, AZ (11/15/14)

Heavy riffs, beer, & eternal irreverent lyrics that invite to the worship of war and Satan. That is what you find at a Slayer concert, and really who would say not to that, after all they represent 25% of the Big 4 of American thrash metal, and one of the most influential heavy metal bands …

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Sep 27

DIGESTOR and CREMATOR of Ghoul Hang Ten with The Age of Metal

Creepsylvanian natives GHOUL are on the home stretch of their tour with Skeletonwitch and Black Anvil. They stopped to play in Mesa, AZ this last Monday (09/22/12) at the new Club Red. Ghoul delivered a set so jam packed with blood, gore and energy that it could give a slasher movie a run for it’s …

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Sep 16

Overkill live at The Orpheum. Tampa, FL (09/13/14)

There’s something about thrash metal that separates it when any other style of music. It could be its velocity, it could be the catchiness, it could be the brutality, or perhaps all of it that makes the listener completely engulfed by the music. The Overkill show at Tampa on September 13 is by far the …

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Aug 14

Jensen of The Haunted talked to us about Exit Wounds

After two years of silence, and a hiatus that ended with the band’s return to the spotlight at this year’s 70.000 tons of metal cruise. The Haunted will release a new album this August 25th (Europe), and September 2nd (North America), the new record titled Exit Wounds sees the return of former members; Marco Aro (vocals) and Adrian Erlandsson …

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Jun 20

Tankard – R.I.B (2014)

Since the late 80’s German thrash metal had broken apart from the traditional format developed by the Bay Area movement (Metallica, Testament, Death Angel, Exodus, etc). The German response has been always darker and in some cases heavier, and albums like Agent Orange by Sodom, Extreme Aggression by Kreator and Chemical Invasion by Tankard are some …

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Apr 11

Conan, David & Mario of Exmortus checked in with The Age Of Metal

There are some bands that don’t get to you after a while, or perhaps you were didn’t see the reaction they were causing the first time you saw them. That is the case of Los Angeles based thrash/heavy metal band Exmortus, I saw them with Dark Tranquillity for the first time back in January, but …

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Mar 29

Destruction/Krisiun/Exmortus at Joe’s Grotto Phoenix, AZ (03/27/14)

The first time I saw Destruction live was back in 2011 in Bogota, Colombia at the famous Rock Al Parque festival, they played in front of 100.000 metalheads, and they just blew everyone’s mind. I knew that for this North American tour would be a bit different, so the expectations of a small and intimate show were …

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Mar 07

Ted Aguilar of Death Angel talks about The Dream Calls For Blood

It seems passion and drive towards the continual development of good thrash metal is the mission of Bay area Thrash metal band, Death Angel. As we were once more witnesses of one of their astonish shows last Monday at Club Red here in Tempe, AZ. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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