Tag: Thrash metal

Jul 01

Death Angel – The Bay Calls for Blood (2015)

If there’s one time I would pick to see Death Angel, it would be performing in their hometown of San Francisco. But until then, I have their live album! This release with the clever title of The Bay Calls for Blood is the ultimate live release. Combining the material of the heart-racing thrashers with a …

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Jun 10

Andreas Kisser of Sepultura discussed touring and the band’s 30th year anniversary

30 years of musical career, 14 studio albums, and hundreds of shows around the world are the presentation card of one of the most groundbreaking metal bands in history. Sepultura, became a metal powerhouse back in the late 80’s and early 90’s by combining thrash, death, and some black metal elements to their musical style, …

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Apr 27

Sworn Enemy discussed touring, the New York hardcore scene, and more.

During the last 18th years Sworn Enemy had become one of the most important bands in the modern New York hardcore scene, following the steps of titans like Agnostic Front, Bad brains, or Minor Threat. They opened their own path into a wild scene that had already a pre-established legacy. Use Facebook to Comment on …

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Apr 20

Enforcer – From Beyond (2015)

We all know Enforcer has their own way of capturing their listeners. They are adamant in their ways of forcing their aggressive tracks upon anyone, yet all are willing to surrender. Their latest album From Beyond proves that this band is unstoppable. With one listen, the scorching fires ignite and swallow anyone in their wake. …

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Apr 06

Chuck Billy of Testament discussed Dark Roots Of Thrash II tour & the upcoming new album.

There is always a sense of joy after witnessing a well crafted thrash metal show, no matter if it was the show’s sound, the energy from the crowd, or the relevance of the bands up on the stage, but watching a show of Testament & Exodus is just a thrash metal treat on itself. I …

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Mar 16

The Age of Metal speaks with Sid Falck (Overkill, Battlezone) about his new project Infectus 13

For several reasons 2015 will be a huge year for music. One thing is clear; it marks the public introduction of Infectus 13. This band is the brainchild of Sid Falck, former drummer of famous acts such as Overkill and Battlezone. This band delivers pounding thrash jams, but also incorporates an intoxicating groove that will …

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Feb 24

Venom – From the Very Depths (2015)

So the legendary fathers of the extreme metal genre are back at it again with their fourteenth full-length album, From the Very Depths.  After 36 years of line-up changes, break-ups, and a string of hit and miss releases one may be skeptical whether not Venom still has it.  To be honest , not sure if this …

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Feb 13

David Sanchez of Havok discussed NAMM 2015, and touring 38 countries on a single year.

Havok is a band that have gone from being a local band to a national act, then to a full international recognized act. I still remember them from a being the support band of Hammerfall back in 2010, to tour side by side with Soulfly a couple of years back. Havok‘s sound forms part of the modern …

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Feb 06

Panzer – Send Them All to Hell (2014)

Panzer - Send Them All to Hell

Panzer was born as a side project of three of the most influential heavy-thrash metal musicians: Schmier (Destruction), Stefan Schwarzmann and Herman Frank (ex-Accept) who announced the big news to the heavy metal scene. This metal trio cannot be properly called as “superband”, but its debut album honours their talent and skills. Send Them All to Hell is a well …

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Jan 23

Skull Fist/Elm Street/ Night Demon at Nile Theater (01/20/15)

Last Tuesday night, I got the pleasure to see a great heavy metal show down at Nile Theater, even though I am not too fond of the venue, as is not the best we have around here, I can say that the Skull Fist, Elm Street & Night Demon show sounded fairly solid, and it …

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Jan 17

Sylosis – Dormant Heart (2015)

Sylosis truly deserves to be bigger than they currently are –  and they will get there sooner than later if they continue producing albums like Dormant Heart! This is their heaviest and darkest album to date,  being the 4th CD released since the band signed on to Nuclear Blast Records in 2007, front man, Josh …

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