Tag: Technical Death metal

Mar 06

Dean & Tobi of Archspire discussed tech death metal at NAMM 2017

Canadian Tech Death Metal act Archspire is currently getting ready to tour the US along with Arkaik before they release their as-yet-untiled new album. Archspire toured the US last year before going into Flatline Audio studios in August with producer Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Nightbringer Cephalic Carnage) to record the new album. Use Facebook to Comment …

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Mar 10

Tomasso of Fleshgod Apocalypse discussed touring, King and 70000 Tons of Metal 

Fleshgod Apocalypse has achieved a new high with their new album King, after almost 10 years in the making this Italian band have redefined the concept of technical death metal and added their own flavor to it, their style and their stage presence have gained them a special place in the metal community as one …

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Jan 26

Daniël de Jongh of Textures talked about Phenotype and Genotype

Dutch technical death metal band, Textures returns in 2016 with a new album titled Phenotype, which is the first part of their Phenotype & Genotype double album concept. The second part, Genotype is expected to be release next year. This album series comes after a period of silence between albums where Dualism (2011) was the …

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Sep 29

Atheist – Unquestionable Presence (Remastered -2015)

Everyone has been saying Atheist’s classic album Unquestionable Presence should be remastered. This year that gift was brought to us! The groundbreaking album was recorded at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida in 1991. The 2015 remastered edition was done at Pain Cave. As an old school death metal, I’m an elitist with remastering albums; something …

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Jul 31

Nile – What Should Not be Unearthed (2015)

Nile is perpetual. I hope everyone in the metal community has realized this fact. Being not only one of the most distinguished but also influential bands and musicians in death metal, it’s easy to understand why this band is everlasting. Nile has proved their legacy again with What Should Not be Unearthed. I swear this …

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Jul 21

Karl Sanders of Nile discussed the new album What Should Not Be Unearthed and touring plans

Nile is the band that has always remained a monster, yet the beast unleashes more powerful with each album. With each passing legacy Nile creates a new definition of brutality that is insurmountable. How this iconic band still finds ways to challenge themselves is a mystery that is carved deep within the stones of time. …

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May 29

The Age of Metal speaks to Soreption while on the Back to the U.S. Tour

There are multiple bands forming each day, and for this reason the music community is oversaturated. It’s becoming more difficult for bands to become recognized. But the band that crossed this difficult barrier is Soreption. This is a death metal band that uses inhuman dexterity to win their fans over, but their adept skill of …

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Apr 12

Psycroptic – The World Discarded (2015)

Psycroptic are another one of those underrated technical metal bands out there. Within the last 16 years, they have given us amazing albums like The Isle of Disenchantment, The Scepter of the Ancients, Symbols of Failure, Ob (Servant), and  2012’s The Inherited Repression. Their latest album, The World Discarded was released March 10th of this …

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Apr 08

Abiotic – Casuistry (2015)

Abiotic has never taken their music easily, meaning they never write their albums for the sake of simply writing music. With this second album, Abiotic forces you to open up your mind and explore the terrifying and hidden depths of your nightmares. Casuistry combines serpentine-like grooves intertwined with a vitiating monstrosity, forcing you to surrender …

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Nov 05

Vogg of Decapitated on touring with Gwar, Blood Mantra, and moving on in life.

Decapitated had been around for while now, and they have become a respected band within the technical metal circuit, and there is not doubt that albums like Winds Of Creation & Nihility pushed the genre to its limits when they were released. However, time and events had pushed the band towards new musical horizons, this uncharted …

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Sep 25

Arsis Discussed ‘A Decade Of Guilt’ 10th Year Anniversary Tour

March 30th 2004 was the date that Arsis released A Celebration Of Guilt, not only their first full studio album, but a key piece for the basis of the American technical death metal scene. The album is a pure 11 track masterpiece, from beginning to end, that gained a lot positive reviews and comments by …

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