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Jun 16

Capri of Amberian Dawn talked about Magic Forest with The Age Of Metal

Bringing a different approach to what Amberian Dawn has done in the past, in 2014 the band returns with a new album called Magic Forest. But this is not the only thing new for Amberian Dawn, this album is also their first containing original material interpreted by their new vocalist, Päivi Capri Selo. Last year, the band …

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Apr 15

Dianne Van Giersbergen of Xandria talked about Sacrificium

Photo by: Jeroen Aarts Photography German/Dutch symphonic metal outfit Xandria will release their sixth studio album Sacrificium next month, an album that aims to top what they did with their latest release Neverworld’s End in 2012. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Mar 17

The Diabulus Reborn – A chat with Zuberoa & Gorka of Diabulus In Musica

Bands develop their sound either by evolving musically, by changing their approach to music, or by spurs of inspiration that regularly are caused in the aftermath of a personal or a communal event. Diabulus In Musica‘s new album Argia, is the result of a mix between the first and second. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Feb 11

Liv Kristine of Leaves Eyes talks with The Age Of Metal

Allow me to preface this review with letting all of you know, I was exhausted. Like, could have fallen asleep with zero issues at most shows type exhausted. Fortunately for me, this was not a typical show. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Dec 04

Clémentine Delauney of Serenity spoke with The Age Of Metal at Metal Female Voices Festival XI in Belgium

Serenity is one of those bands that keep developing their style and sound as they adapt themselves to line up changes. it’s not doubt that Death And Legacy has a different feeling than War of Ages, as the voice of Clémentine Delauney not only fits the music, but her duets with Georg Neuhauser give life to the …

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Dec 03

Epica – Retrospect 10th Anniversary DVD (2013)

It is incredible that 10 years have passed since Epica released their début album The Phantom Agony, it felt like yesterday I was holding my copy from the first time. But like a good wine, Epica gets better as time passes and even today albums like The Phantom Agony and Consign Of Oblivion remain as …

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Nov 30

Leaves’ Eyes – Symphonies Of The Night (2013)

A Symphonies Of The Night kicks off with beautiful, enchanting music and vocals. After a few seconds it kicks off into a heavier sound which seems to draw more influence than previous albums. I have once album by Leaves Eyes that I went to sleep to every night….Symphonies of the Night is not that album. The …

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Nov 15

Alex Krull of Leaves Eyes/Atrocity talked to The Age Of Metal at Metal Female Voices Fest XI

German folk metal pioneers Leaves Eyes are about to unleash their 5th studio album titled Symphonies Of The Night via Napalm Records this November 26th in US. (November 15th in Europe). Leaves Eyes goes back to their roots on this record, which can only be categorized as heavenly epic. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Oct 26

Nightwish – Showtime, Storytime DVD (2013)

Nightwish is a band that has gone through too much in the last decade, from getting as big as any band could ever dream, to fall out from grace because of the drama. But no matter what happened, they got up, clean up the dirt, and keep going. Because after all the circus must go on. Use …

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Sep 30

Thomas Youngblood & Tommy Kaverik of Kamelot talked with The Age Of Metal

Kamelot‘s consolidation as a top class metal act comes from many years back, their music, their style, their stage presence. All of that makes this band more than legendary. But the consolidation of the beginning of a new era comes with a new vocalist, an epic new album, and a heavy touring schedule. Use Facebook to …

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Sep 28

Charlotte Wessels of Delain checked in with The Age Of Metal

I heard about Delain from the first time at a Nightwish concert back in 2007, during a conversation with an old friend, after research them and order a copy of their debut album Lucidity, they blew my mind, as by that time the project was more like the pilot for a super group. Use Facebook to …

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