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Sep 29

Ardek of Carach Angren discussed US tour, new video and orchestration work.

Carach  Angren has rapidly become a very successful band in North America since they toured the continent for the first time a few years ago. Their stage presence and their unique eerie type of sound make every show not only a good metal show, but it also becomes a whole shocking visual experience. Currently, Carach Angren is back on …

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Mar 10

Carach Angren – This is No Fairytale (2015)

Carach Angren sure does have a way of telling a story. Their newest release This is No Fairytale captures the supposed innocent nature of fairy tales and twists it in ways that are just cruel. In short, they released the rabbit and you follow it down the rabbit-hole, only to fall upon a world of …

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Oct 31

Vesania – Deus Ex Machina (2014)

Poland does not disappoint at the time to produce serious extreme metal bands, Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated, and now they added the return of Vesania to their cradle of quality acts. Vesania, is formed by Orion (Behemoth) on guitar & vocals, Heinrich (ex-Decapitated) on bass, Daray (Dimmu Borgir) on Drums, Sigmar on keyboards, and Valeo on guitar, and …

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Oct 28

Ardek of Carach Angren talked to us about touring North America and their upcoming album

Since I got to listen the début album, Lammendam (2008) for the first time, the ghostly dutch trio Carach Angren got my attention. Right from the start,their style is different to any other symphonic black metal band out there, even though they used almost the same stage presence, their music and attitude of Carach Angren sets …

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Oct 09

Dianne Van Giersbergen of Xandria talks about Sacrificium & Touring North America

Since the release of their new album Sacrificium at the beginning of the year, and the incorporation of Dianne Van Giersbergen as new vocalist last year, Xandria seems to have gained new strength and a new character as a band, this new spirit within the band had taken them to join Sonata Arctica and Delain on a …

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May 24

Starkill – Fires of Life (2013)

Melodic Death Metal has always had a weird place here in the US. For one thing the sub-genre had it’s inception in Europe and more specifically in the Gothenburg scene. Starkill hails from Chicago and plays a very Euro style of metal. With their new album Fires of Life shows their musical prowess mixing melodic …

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Jul 02

Chaosweaver – Enter the Realm of the Doppelgänger (2012)

By now I should not be surprised by what Finland produces at the level of metal music, with bands like Amorphis, Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, Norther, and now Chaosweaver to be added at the country’s greatest lineup of metal bands that they had exported during the last 20 years. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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